The Most Influential Man in History

At the center of the galaxy is a black hole that is thought to have enough gravitational pull to orchestrate all celestial bodies in the position that gives these nuclear phenomena balance. Dark clouds in the Milky Way galaxy are said to be asserting a residual force on the planet earth and the sun to align them with the galactic black center which is to have catastrophic effects on the earth’s habitability. Sometimes nature uses blackness to compel things in a manner to energize a chain reaction of events that have astronomical ramifications on our existence. The black man, Jack Johnson, born of slave parents in Galveston Texas in 1878 was a vehicle empowering supernatural happenings amidst humanity, a conduit that compelled a series of events to circulate his impression, his contribution and his actuality. The Black Reconstruction Period in which the government supposedly intervened to assist African Americans freed from slavery to acclimate collapsed in 1877. It failed African Americans by teething on the same racism that emancipation weaned it from. The Freedman’s Bureau establishers saw to it that the banks they dictated would give blacks forty acres and a mule reneged, so that economic slavery could behead the distended neck of the hanging pocket that was castrated worse than the male anatomy. Americas biggest fear in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was that the advancing ex slave would reconfigure his testicular orientation and use it to vandalize the white woman’s vaginal Elysium bringing perdition to her purity and chastity. Perhaps while breeding slaves on the plantation, the white woman fancied the anatomical grandiosity of the abnormally endowed black male causing the white man to become obsessed with alleviating his genetic competition. This seemed to be an international obsession because between 1880 and 1914 the Germans created “Scientific Racialism” to dispossess the genetically heightened black male, crafted from America’s own greed and exploitation, of his superiority. Johann Blumenbach and his anthropological and philosophical cronies wrote dissertations and conjectures falsifying science to try to prove that the black male came from primates and is intellectually and genetically inferior. Interestingly at the helm of the American fear and the German fear was the Goliath like, muscularly immaculate Jack Johnson who was hitting white men so hard that their teeth embedded his glove and white women so hard that their modesty meted immorality in clubs reserved for licentious white males. Leading up to World War 1 America was so preoccupied with their repulsion of Jack Johnson, who was heavy weight champion at the time, that they would depict him as an animalistic sex driven gorilla who embodied the savagery and deplorability of a damning scourge. The southern born Woodrow Wilson, who was akin to the fear of black men copulating with white women, became President in 1916 and legalized Jim Crow in reaction to Jack Johnson’s illicit sexual escapades with the untainted “Florentine Maiden.” He segregated federal work places so that black men and white women could have no association and feloniously made separate but equal school divisions. He enacted laws that disenfranchised the black male and prevented him from voting by mandating competency tests to the black uneducated. Wilson watched Jack Johnson, the most prominent black man in the world, beat the great white hope Jim Jefferies in 1910, with his white woman ring side, smiling dazzlingly at his white crucifiers. To keep the black heathen from vandalizing the white woman, Woodrow Wilson sought to keep the Jack Johnson, Nephilim-like specimen from even getting close to the white woman. Capitalizing on this fear, when he decided to war with Germany in WWI there was an advertisement propagandized that depicted a giant black gorilla holding a half naked white woman, reading, “Stop this mad Brute, Americans enlist.” It was clearly the envisioning of the biggest blackest brutal man in the country, Jack Johnson, ensnaring an innocent white woman. Since Jack Johnson had given America this fear, white men likened his sexual brutality to the German’s military brutality and desired to protect the white woman, who amid Johnson’s mishandling symbolized America’s liberty. Having influenced the American temperament of WWI, he influenced the German temperament leading up to it. Germany was well aware of Jack Johnson in the late 1800s early 1900s because the bulk of Europe was, he was the most popular black man in the world, decimating “Great White Hypes” garnered the attention of the white supremist world who referred to him as coon, nigger, monkey, animal, savage, and depicted him as such. While Johann Blumenbach and his cohorts would assert and try to prove that blacks were inferior to whites having descended from primates, thereby having less intellectual faculties than whites, it is possible that at a time when the entire white supremist world was calling Jack Johnson a primate, he was the focus of their analysis. The German study of Eugenics, which is the manipulation of the composition of the human population, was introduced by Francis Galton in 1883 with the aim of ridding society of undesirable through extermination through ethnocide. This led to the ethnic cleansing of the Jews and the science to carry this out biologically and genetically was given to the United States in the early 1900s when the primary target of racist white America was the aberrant Jack Johnson. America joined WWI to alley with Britain against Germany in 1916 and since it is common that the victor pilfer technology as spoil from the defeated, America got the science of sterilization of the unfit from Germany. The Race Betterment Foundation called for keeping people with poor traits in their heritage separate from the master race. President Calvin Coolidge, who took office after Johnson said he threw the fight with Jess Welsh, but was still a household name, said that “Americans should be kept Americans, biological laws show that Nordics deteriorate when mixed with other races.” Franklin D Roosevelt was also in favor of Eugenics at a time when the white supremist world scoffed at Jack Johnson. Could it be that the black man the white world feared, because he was black, monstrously virile and copulated with white women, influenced the country to go to war with Germany in WWI for economic reasons as a cover up to learn or steal the science of Eugenics to stop, the Ethiopian, as they called him from defiling their race? Because of Jack Johnson, America hated black male copulation with white women so much that they titled it “Miscegenation” and made it illegal. Miscegenation was the impetus to the most racist film ever produced, “Birth of a Nation,” which painted the Ku Klux Klan as heroes ridding the country of black males, played by whites in black face, who only want to sexually defile the white woman. It was the first film ever shown in the White House in 1913 and President Wilson said it was like “writing history with lightning,” calling the pontificated premise true to American events. If you add Johnson being the symbol for the WWI propaganda poster, the possibility of Johnson like genetic extermination being the reason for US involvement in WWI, Scientific Racialism and Eugenics targeting Johnson as their prototype for black hate, seeing him as an inferior primate, Johnson being the reason for Miscegenation and Birth of a Nation, you get the creation of King Kong in 1933. Merian C Cooper conceived the idea after fighting in WWI and become a hostage of German soldiers. It is my belief that while he was hostage, he learned to look at the African American as did the Germans, from the point of view of Jack Johnson being genetically analogous to the gorilla and having an inordinate sexual appetite for the white woman that needed to be abated. In 1903 When Jack Johnson won his first title fight, the Niagara Movement was created by W.E.B Dubois and William Monroe Trotter in 1904 which would evolve into the NAACP. In 1908 Jack Johnson defeated Tommy Burns in Australia to become the first black heavy weight champion of the world. In the same year race riots escalated in Springfield Illinois that undoubtedly were accelerated by the insurrection of black supremacy perpetuated by Johnson demolishing the white Burns. A year later the NAACP was formed in reaction to the race riots and in 1910 W.E.B Dubois created the official journal of the NAACP called the Crisis. Johnson’s serendipitous connection to Dubois began in 1897 when Johnson won his first professional fight against Charley Brooks and in the same year Dubois started the Black Intelligentsia with Alexander Crumwell to impart black advancement through astute black leadership. In 1903 when Dubois published his Talented Tenth beliefs espousing that the more clever African Americans should lead the rest, Johnson became the colored heavy weight champion of the world in 1903 where the referee told Johnson, “You’re a clever nigger.” In 1920 Jack Johnson opened a 400 seat club in Harlem called Club De Luxe and in 1923 sold it to the white gangster Owney Madden locked up in Sing Sing who renamed it the Cotton Club -enter the Harlem Renaissance. Although it was a whites only club, the Cotton Club launched the careers of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Billy Holliday, Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Calloway, Fatz Waller, Lois Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Nat King Cole and the Nicholas Brothers. The oil boom of 1910 was representative of the oil in black humans, that is melanin, which was booming in the chemistry and physiology of the black man Jack Johnson who gave the world black supremacy that same year. In 1920 the oil business produced several black multi millionaires in Tulsa Oklahoma which came to be called Black Wall Street where African Americans owned and patronized their own fiscal community. The Klan associated black wealth and prominence with Jack Johnson’s exploitation of white women and flagrant monetary braggadocio. The worst race riot in history ensued and the government burned it to the ground. Indeed, nature uses blackness to compel things in a manner to energize a chain reaction of events that have astronomical ramifications on our existence. The universe saw to it that Jack Johnson would be the Galactic Center, the black hole that would compel world events to reveal the hideousness of its black hate while simultaneously igniting the beginning of Black Supremacy that would forever alter the temperament of white prejudice and black pride. Wars were fought, ethnocide was enhanced through Eugenics, laws were enacted, lynching reached its apex, race movies were made and Johnson’s movies beating white opponents were banned. Because of Jack Johnson, Woodrow Wilson became commissioner of baseball and kept it segregated until Jackie Robinson, Johann Blumenbach invented the categorization of race and started Scientific Racialism, King Kong was mirrored after Jack Johnson, and the NAACP was formed because of riots fought in reaction to Johnson’s black dominance overthrowing the philosophy of white supremacy. He gave us the nucleus for the Harlem Renaissance and gave us the impetus for Black Wall Street and white supremacy the rationale to destroy it. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.



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One Response to The Most Influential Man in History

  1. Putting a crimp in their lifestyle says:

    Just as the gods used WWII to justify an influx of new technologies so will they use the impending pestilence which kills over half the world’s population to justify historical medical advances, including the “cure of aging”, initiating the “1000 years with Jesus on Earth”.
    We’ve seen this tactic used recently with AIDS, targetted at homosexuals and blacks in Africa.
    Then, as promised, The End will come with fire::::Global tectonic subduction.

    Anyone the gods role play telepathically or use for positioning in this Situation extensively have a legacy of hurting others. The more they hurt the more eggregious in history their legacy. Considering they tell me my auidence at any one time is nearly half a billion it is not inconceivable Adolph Hitler was reincarnated into the Situation.
    Due to the expansive accumulated audience in this Situation these individuals have now qualified for a legacy of hurting billions of people, and as a result own a very exclusive legacy which will qualify them to be used for the pestilence event which kills half the world’s population:::The monsters of tommarrow.

    The gods behave monsterously in the course of managing Planet Earth, matching our decay, but they demand people be good if you are to have a chance to ascend as a child in a future life.
    Not only is doing the right things important (praying, attoning for your sins, thinking the right way:::accepting humility, modesty, vulnerability), so is avoiding the wrong things important as well:::”Go and sin no more”.
    You NEED active parents who share wisdom to have a real chance to ascend into heaven in a future life, and you MUST be a good parent as well to have that opportunity.

    Before you get angry…Just because you don’t understand what’s going on don’t mean it don’t make no sense.
    1. Punishment is a good thing. It means they care and want you to learn.
    2. For some people it’s too late and the gods don’t want them to change, left to celebrate sin and wallow in this wicked enviornment.

    The dogs are dead.
    And they’re still incurring evil from their prior life(ves).
    Junior Seau is a good example::The real, a 20-something in her next life, making progress, so the gods allow her clone host fake to committ suicide, allowing her off the hook incurring evil in her prior life. AND close the restaurant, her legacy in capitalism.
    Al Davis should be so lucky.

    The antients will offer clues with press releases, most recently about arsenic in rice. Asian herbal therapy may account for this cancer risk but typically not in whites, a reminder to eat within your own culture as well. Recall years ago the gods released a similar report about arsenic in apples. It’s no coincidence our grossly disfavored culture feed our candidates (children) with all manners of apple products.

    I want to remind you all of the problem of 10 year-old prepubescent girls being prostituted in the inner cities of America.
    Why is it I am the only person who has any urgency to stop this?:::Because it is deliberate!!! The gods will give them all the rope they need.

    There was a very real perception that bi-racial was much worse for the white than it was for the person of color. The liberal culture, which was designed and promoted with the god’s tools to achieve their Apocalyptic goals, screamed racism when there was a very reasonable explanation for this reality::::
    In this white punishment known as the United States the person of color has already adopted the disfavors/temptations intended for another race. But by associating/mating with a person of color the white is newly adopting the disfavors of another culture.
    And this is the reason why people of color are not welcome in the United States. The gods control everything:::The perception they want to create, the thoughts they want you to have.
    People of color can’t recover from absorbing the temptations from two cultures. And why they become more and more like so many blacks in America:::Veterans at absorbing the temptations of two cultures.
    To further illustrate this is why California’s educational system/funding was ranked #1 when California was white:::Education being the basis of the affluent economic system. Now even public higher education has become unaffordable.

    The gods placed us all into our own corners of the globe. As such for thousands of years we spent time and reproduced with out own kind.
    This is why mobilty/travel, biracial unions/offspring and partaking of other cultures is a sin::::
    Each has it’s own elements of disfavor, and by experiencing other cultures you are being exposed to these disfavors, which if people may adopt will make their state even worse than prior.
    The United States has been considered a “melting pot” where rejects from around the world were sent when kicked out of their motherland.
    Remember, this concept of cultural diversity is an element of the liberal platform the gods used to promote societal decay, revealed on the map with the “beast” that is the SanFranciscoBayArea and the spread of social deterioration that spread to the rest of the country and eventually to the entire globe.

    Don’t forget the lessons the ‘ole white preacher taught:::Dancing is a sin.
    The gods used the liberal tool to ridicule away so many taboos, paving the way for the decay of society and ultimately the End Times::::::
    Black behavior was controlled by the KKK. Men’s behavior was controlled by marriage for thousands of years.
    When married by 15 men never gained the taste of promiscuity. Once the gods used the budding liberalism tool the men set the tone for the deteriorating enviornment centered around their gross disfavor.
    Women’s relinquishing control of pre-arranged marriage will be what costs mankind everything in The End. It’s all their fault. The Apocalypse, Rapture, the End Times is women’s fault. Men are pigs, essentially just primally responsive disfavored beings who if given the freedom will abuse based on the impulses the god’s push them into. Whereas under pre-arranged marriage this behavior was contained now the promiscuous fraternity house epitomizes the pinnicle of what a “real man” should be like. And sadly the women fall into line.
    The end of the world is because of the females.

    As with so many things in this life “less is more”. Sex is one of those things. They used the liberal age to promote casual “free” sex intentionally::Combined with “women’s lib” and their initiation into the “trenches” of the workplace as well as other issues like alcohol consumption the people experienced a mass masculinization of the females.
    The gods use sex as temptation. This is why the most disfavored among us are preoccupied with it. While some may feel being well-endowed is a sign of favor the truth is just the opposite. And often the result is misogyny, a belittling of the favored gender, and stagnation of the people as a whole.
    Less is more. When young women experience passing thoughts which say you’re doing something wrong instead of fighting or dismissing the thought you should heed the warning. Sadly in today’s world too many experience prolonged periods of promiscuity in their lives, whereas if married by 15 like throughout human history this disfavor was avoided.
    Don’t forget:::It is children who ascend into heaven, and the absence of sexual activity is one reason. Their general innocence is another, which should help you see the destructive nature of adult life in today’s society.

    Ronald Reagan spent the communist block into submission with defense buildup, and in the process increased the National debt from $1 trillion in 1980 to $6 trillion when he left office.
    W charged both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to the national debt, honest numbers to come.
    The gods used W to initiate the “Great Recession” with deliberate legislation/regulation changes, allowing the sub-prime fiasco and corporate irresponsibility/criminal behavior which led to the multi-trillion dollar stimulous package, pocketted by Republican friends and donors::::$5 trillion charged to the National credit card.
    This corruption is one element of evil in the party of good. War mongering is another.
    Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t::::With the Democrats you subscribe to social decay via liberlism, which WILL lead to the Apocalypse. Republicans are being used by the gods to bankrupt the United States, ultimately motivating people to the point of “desperation prayer” once anarchy presides::::Punishment designed to correct your behavior.

    The gods behave monsterously in the course of managing Planet Earth but they demand people be good if you are to have a chance to ascend in a future life.
    Not only is doing the right things important (praying, attoning for your sins, thinking the right way:::accepting humility, modesty, vulnerability), so is avoiding the wrong things important as well:::”Go and sin no more”.
    You NEED active parents who share wisdom to have a real chance to ascend into heaven in a future life, and you MUST be a good parent as well to have that opportunity. Once your children have been raised something changes, something has been decided about you. This is exactly that.

    god won’t heal amputees because they deserve it.
    They deserve it.
    In a former life they were sick monsters who thought they were “earning” by hurting others, perhaps Italian shit like the filth who did the legwork setting up WorldWarII (revenge on enemies, ex:German invasion of dying Roman Empire) and destroying Planet Earth’s “Old Worlds”. The gods had their real reason behind this::The “leveling of the playing field” in preparation for the Apocalypse. In addition the gods used Italians to prey upon blacks:::Slavery, crack epidemic, gangland wars, AIDS in Africa, celebrating pimping/prostitution of pre-pubescent girls, etc.
    Too many of you think the gods like you. In fact they have been shooting at the target on your foreheads for centuries. Want to understand the god’s sadistic pathology??:::The gods made bondage up to black Americans with exclusion (oppression, KKK, rouge cops):::100 years of protection from this wicked white punishment known as the USA. You got 100 extra years before the shit hit the fan and decency began to deteriorate hard.
    california was different because California is The Beast. This is where the gods placed the most disfavored. They are not entitled to the god’s extra help.

    The gods have positioned this Situation to look good. They destroyed lives just so they would look good in the public eye. Denying they ruined my childhood entitled them to destroy my health, making my loss complete. They deliberately exceed the deserved abuse in me and others and created bitterness to ensure people fail to recover from their loss.
    “We’ll make it up to you.”::::”We really like you. Everybdy esle got only 1000 years (with Jesus on Earth). You got 10,000. We really like you.”
    If people understood they’d see what vicious, depraved shit the gods can be. They pick someone out to use for their purpose and follow through with the agenda they scripted long, long ago whether in the wrong or not.

    “That’s your alternate.”:::The sole element of disfavor in the next Garden of Eden, setting our new planet on a collision course with an Apocalypse.
    Guess it’s better than the KKK.
    Had to fuck my chances up first though, hun? Stack the deck so hard the cards had to fall in one certain direction?
    All these years you could have allowed organic growth of the Situation, but since I would have earned a legacy you’d be compelled to grant me a minimum amount of time. But your compulsion for control (anal) compells you to create the freedom necessary to accomplish your preferred strategy:::Minimizing your culpability. And since you have absolute power there is little chance of any other senario occurring.

    The god’s goal is to create the freedom necessary to justify employing their strategy. German 5th century invasion enabled WWII, Moorish invasion of Italy justified black misery.
    The gods don’t fight fair. Their positioning is a good example, because you will have to negotiate this theater to succeed. THEN the gods will begin their tactics which will be revealed as unfair.
    So many of you invested your whole lives believing “earning” through being evil was the way. When you learn you were hurting yourselves instead of helping yourselves, when you realize you will be punished HARD if you choose to reclaim your chance you too will understand loss.
    The antients created freedom through future health issues. Early was dental isses they prevented from being treated professionally to prepare for inevitable ROger Ebert surgury. Wicked, black heart.

    Anyone the gods role play telepathically or use for positioning in this Situation extensively have a legacy of hurting others, the more they hurt the more eggregious in history their legacy. Considering they tell me my auidence at times is in the hundreds of millions it is not inconceivable Adolph Hitler was reincarnated into the Situation.

    The gods used the Black Plaugue to motivate Europeans to pray hard and ascend before Christianity ruined European cultures.
    “Virgin” Mary was a hooker and Jesus’s legacy was as a pimp. Mary Magdeline was the woman who made his money for him on the street:::Hedonistic, wicked Mediterreanean hammered by the gods with Noah’s Flood. This is why the gods used this region to launch the Beginning of The End.
    I will bet you this is the truth. He didn’t associate with that prostitute because he was a good guy. That woman made his money for him. And you Christians pray to this monster. You are chumps the gods play for fools.

    If you must chose an organized religion Judism is the best choice. Remember::You’re not there to socialize. Don’t let that tactic cost you; everywhere are people whom the gods have convinced they are “earning”. Even a house of god.
    Temptation has misled you into wickedness:::You’re all going the wrong way, misled by the deception that is our society.

    Repeatedly the gods warned against eating fish. Not shellfish, mind you, for organinisms like crab and lobster have a consciousness of power, one where they can and do defend themselves (clams/muscles bottom feeder toxic filters).
    Any Catholic can attest shellfish on Fridays during lent was like “cheating”, for the gods hold Catholics in condemnation and compell them to hurt themselves as severely as possible.
    But typical fish exhibit a consciousness of constant fear and escape from preditors. This is why the gods like women/girls. And as our envionrment changes, the antients position the masses to be increasingly under control of Artificial Intelligence, this risk of rape dissipates, giving the gods freedom to alter their attitudes towards the female gender and therefore the people as a whole.
    Equality. Be careful what you ask for.
    The leveling of the playing field.
    Of course they also say “croutons are evil”, so anyone who would make such an innane statement is fucked in the head. Unfortunate for us they are in charge of the universe.

    Misotheism is the “hatred of God” or “hatred of the gods” (from the Greek adjective µ?s??e?? “hating the gods”, a compound of µ?s?? “hatred” and ?e?? “god”). In some varieties of polytheism, it was considered possible to inflict punishment on gods by ceasing to worship them. Thus, Hrafnkell, protagonist of the eponymous Icelandic saga set in the 10th century, as his temple to Freyr is burnt and he is enslaved states that “I think it is folly to have faith in gods”, never performing another sacrifice, a position described in the sagas as goðlauss “godless”. Jacob Grimm in his Teutonic Mythology observes that:
    A related concept is dystheism (Greek d?s?e?? “ungodly”), the belief that a god is not wholly good, and is possibly evil.

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