The Master

When life forms are born devoid of the perfection that their former prototypes were endowed with, they instinctually travel in search of that which will grant them higher being or lengthened existence. Europeans left their dwelling in the forests of England and Iberia and traveled to India in search of the Sanskrit which they augmented into their own apocryphal work claiming the wisdom and intellectualism as their own, stealing symbols and insignias along the way such as the swastika. 1600 BC was a time when people believed in the magic of holy words and the early European saw themselves as descendants of the Semite people that the Egyptians used to hold as slaves, but couldn’t call themselves by the Semitic name because that would partly identify them as descendants of the Egyptians. They understood that the races of people born devoid of color were less encompassing of the divinity god harnessed through the black substance inherent within the black complexion and they coveted the magical chants, that would impart them everlasting life, or higher favorability from the almighty. By reciting the book that the colored world used to impact it’s super nature they could amend what genetics rendered deficient. When they left India in 1600 BC calling themselves Aryans claiming to be the superior race because they pilfered the primordial race’s magical texts, they discovered that a more potent magic was brewing in Egypt. In the very year of their exodus, the instructions for souls leaving earth to find their state of perfect in the afterlife was being compiled. It was called “The Book of Coming Forth by Day”, or “The Egyptian Book of the Dead” because it guided the soul from the earthly plane to the supernatural realm through a series of incantations or chants that would cause it to go forth by the day’s illumination to the place where the deceased reach Osiris to become synonymously powerful gods. The book is a compilation of prayers, chants and mystical esoteric send offs that priest would utter over the deceased’s body, were inscribed in the tombs of the mortuary processions and were intended for the beyond bound soul to utter before the god Osiris who would measure ones supernatural eligibility by his utterances. In Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master”, he introduces the world to the European mystic, implying that there exists Europeans who are as possessed by celestial mysticism as the aboriginal people who were created by it and share symbiotic oneness with it. Lancaster Dodd is inferred to be an esoteric thinker empowered with supernatural understandings of universal order who extends his philosophies to his naïve, identity crises stricken, impressionable adherents who behold him as a seer or and oracle. In order to understand the flaw in this interpretation we must understand the rules of history. The Mystery School’s of Egypt are as old as Egypt itself and taught the sacred science, called the Summon Bonum which conveyed practicing the elevation that would illuminate one to become their perfect astral self. Some of the greatest teachers were said to have studied in the Mystery Schools of Egypt where they were given astral names in their becoming illuminated mystics. It is said that Krishna, the god of the Hindus, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus and even Socrates were students of the highest order of intellectualism in existence. Socrates was the only non melenated person allowed in the Mystery School because the Egyptian priest favored his philosophical prowess, but told Europeans as a whole that they were too infant a race to harness the wisdom and science excavated by the minds who were nurtured by the very quintessence of the visceral path. Buddha was a Negro with wholly hair and peppercorn locks whose name was Sut-Nahsi before he became enlightened by the Mystery School sciences. The Apollo theater in Harlem is named after a the Greek god Apollo who was a Black god with wholly hair and peppercorn locks who was said to be illuminated by the wisdom of the Egyptian Mystery Schools and the god Krishna, also a negro, was given his name meaning “god of the perfect black.” When the first Europeans were traveling to Egypt to be illuminated, Thales in 670, and Pythagoras in 570, it was around the time when the book that could turn man from flesh to eternal spirit was finishing being compiled. In other words, the book that could lead one to their state of perfect was accessible and the Europeans who called themselves Greeks wanted to be made perfect. Interestingly, the Mystery School’s taught that the state of perfection was found in the pineal gland in the brain’s ventricular system where melanin circulates and can be actuated to give one the sixth sense to perform all manner of miraculous feats. Jacob quarreled with an angel for up to twelve hours and defeated it through the power of the Ureaus, the place in the mind where melanin makes one superhuman. If Krishna was called “god of the perfect black,” by people who were vastly more intelligent than we through their ability to unlock portions of their brain that were dormant to us just as Jacob could, then they must have believed that perfection lies in the ability inherent within blackness. The first mystics were Egyptian priests circa 6000 BC who taught their students how to astro travel to discover their astral selves, believing that the “Ka” or the spirit has a celestial duplicate in the cosmos that the individual is destined to fuse with once initiated by true understanding. In the movie “The Master”, Landcaster Dodd teaches his pupils to astro travel to places in their mind where memories contain the aura of their astral alter selves, and he calls tapping into this going back to the state of perfect. But if we apply the rules of history, the state of perfect is the place where blackness is the connectivity to universality and eternity, therefore, a non melanted person would lack the chemical necessary for him to find this perfection, and hence, he invents faith in hopes that he can somehow attain that measure of godliness without the endowment of melanin. Truly enlightened people don’t believe the hogwash of a white mystic teaching his pupils the ancient sciences because the true “Maters” were people of color who became gods taught by priests mentored by gods called Neter. The only European to be taught the Summon Bonum was perceivably the only student not to attain godship because he lacked the essential transformative chemical. Today the Hellenistic teachings of the western world are preventing the children of melanated gods to reach their godship and we find ourselves looking to the tenants of Eurocentricity as our master. Pick up the petals to your mind’s fallen blossom. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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