Between Prometheus and Ice Age, the Misappropriation of the Negro

The argument of humanity either being created or having evolved from other species, lives somewhere in the confusion of belief versus theory. The argument of black humanity being the aboriginal species that bore progeny to the globe coexists with the hatred the non black species has for their predecessors, one may call them their genetic engineers. The antiquity of both of these arguments are passages in the Quran and documents inscribed about Egyptian Mythology that are relevant to the present predicament of humanity because its origin, both physiologically and phenotypically, is indicative to its transformation. The Quran tells us that God made man from molded mud or clay and gave him the quintessence of fluid to create life through conception and gestation. Egyptian Mythology tells us that the god Atum is the creator god and created himself from the chaotic waters of Nun and placed himself on a mound on earth. A mound is usually connoted as a pact of mud and clay, hence he is both the creator god and simultaneously the embodiment of the first earthling brought from clay. He created the god of air, Shu and the goddess of moisture, Tefnut who in their curiosity delved into the waters of Nun and disappeared. Atum sent a fiery messenger to retrieve them and the tears he shed upon their return begat the first human beings. Atum was associated with the evening sun whereas Ra, the god of all gods, was associated with the morning sun. These gods and their relationship is pilfered and augmented in the Greek Mythological texts to infer that Zeus is the omnipotent sun god Ra and that his counterpart Atum is transfigured into Prometheus. The Greek god Prometheus is said to be the creator of man from molded clay and the harbinger of fire that he stole from Zeus to give to his human creations. In the Egyptian tradition we find that Atum and Ra combined to become Atum-Ra. The Greeks decided that to adapt Ra into Zeus, they would convert Ra’s power of the sun into a similar celestial cosmic charge, the power of lighting. When lightning strikes the earth fire ignites thus, Zeus has control of lighting and fire by virtue of the physics reaction, but the Egyptian narrative indicates that Atum had access to Ra’s fire because they became the same being. In the Greek cognition and transmutation of a black Neter into a white deity, the gods are depicted as being physically virile as an inept compensation for the strength of cosmic energy that was the true source of the Egyptian god’s prowess. The barbarian mind replaces magic with brawn and because of Prometheus’s treachery he is chained and bound to be eaten at by a hawk sent by Zeus. This is a remedial way of coalescing the two gods by asserting that a hawk consuming Prometheus’s flesh constitutes physical coexistence, being that Ra’s symbol is the hawk and he metaphysically fused with Atum. One variation of the word Prometheus is said to have derived from the Proto Indo European Vedic words, “pro math” meaning to steal. In essence, the name of the god the Greeks transmutated Atum into signifies the theft of the identity of the greater aboriginal Egyptian god. History tells us that the intellectual miracle of Egypt existed thousands of years before anyone knew there was a Europe. When Kufu and Kafre were basking in the adulation of constructing the pyramids of Giza, the Europeans who were soon to invade India to steal everything scientifically and religiously sacred were barbarian savages who scraped a living from the demure sustenance the frigid plains offered their small hunter gatherer numbers in 2000 BC. Uncultivated and uncivilized they raided India leaving in 1600 BC calling themselves Indo Europeans having converted the Sanskrit into the Vedic Sanskrit, or the plagiarized Indo European language, which is where root of the word Prometheus comes from. Indo Europeans came to call themselves Aryans and believed themselves to be the superior race; hence the philosophy of white supremacy was born through the theft of black Indian Dravidian traditions. Interestingly, the movie Prometheus describes the engineers on the foreign planet to be the creators of humanity and in the scene where one of the engineers looks at a hologram of the globe he is looking at the continent of Africa as if to suggest that it is they who created black Adam and Eve in the motherland. The engineers were depicted as inordinately virile like the Greek gods, muscles bulging in proportions that made them look like pale white hulks. The paler the better for the Hollywood hoax to dupe the uneducated black viewers who are stimulants of cinematic pontification. The inference was that these muscle bound pale forefathers of humanity symbolized the Indo Europeans because the droid played by Michael Fassbender spoke to them in, what was said in the movie to be, an ancient Indo European language. To imply that genetically advanced Indo European pre humans (the movie elucidated that their DNA was a replica of human DNA) created Africans thus all of humanity, is to steal from the Quran and the Egyptian Myths of Atum and Ra to contrive a fictitious story that white people were the first on the planet. This debunks the foundation of their inferiority; the inescapable truth that white people are the last human species on the evolutionary chain that began with black humans. Allow me to enlighten you, the movie Prometheus is about Indo European white gods who resided on a planet that was constantly evolving and through the presence of new humans, the evolution morphed into a species that fused with a white god to create an alien that was merely a symbol for a black uncultivated monstrosity. The movie stealthily implies that white primordial man fused with evolution creates a black uncivilized creature. The contrast in color of pale white to jet black enhances the revelation. Indo Europeans originally came from the Eurasian Plains which is where the most intensive study of the last glacial period of the ice age is being conducted. Scientists say that the last ice age is still ongoing because glacial phases, the cooler byproduct of the ice age, still persists. Interestingly, the movie Ice Age is about the arctic life that coexisted some ten thousand years ago and has a host of black voices playing the animal life. The standout voices are the black voices: Drake, Kiki Palmer, Queen Latifah, Nicki Minaj, and Wanda Sykes. The last glaciation is historically indicative of the Paleolithic era which is the choicest for Eurasian people’s cultivation. What better way to clandestinely change the inconvenient truth of history into the livable substitute that white people were the first humans as the god like humanoids in Prometheus and that the cartoonish black people on ice plains representing a glacial Northern Eurasia were the uncivilized hunter gatherer, savage scavengers in the movie Ice Age. Hollywood is flipping the script of history to make white people look superior while black people embody the worst history has to offer of white people. I am not fooled. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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    Only truth will set us free

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    ! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thanks!

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    What crap!

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