The Marley Threat

Men who claim to meet aliens never return to their ordinate sense of mortality, their feet become an abducted gaze and their soul seems transfixed on the wonderment and fear of acquainting the beyond in the efficacious limbo of their cognition’s new awe. Men who meet god or simply know god share the same abducted mesmoriazation, having alienated themselves from the sensibilities of mortality they become the understanding they deduce through the clairvoyance of their faith. Bob Marley looked as if he god had given him his manifesto on liberation and gave him 14 years to free the world of its diabolicalness. His gospel was his insistence that god is black, the devil is provoked, emancipation is majestic, Ethiopia is heaven and hell is disbelief. The man who was born by a father of Liverpool and British descent, whose lineage would indicate that he would harbor an innate abhorrence for colored people’s freedom, bore a son that was more aptly bore by Immaculate Conception. God transformed his voice into a fetus that would evolve Bob and used his son’s proselytizing to give the world salvation’s cliff notes. In the song “Selassie is the Chapel”, Bob says that Selassie is the only living god and king of kings, because the Rasta believe that the prophecy Garvey gave in 1929 of a messiah coming to claim his kingdom had fulfillment in Halie Selassie being crowned Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930. He is the 125 descendant of King Solomon and the grand nephew of Menalik II who won the battle for Ethiopia’s sovereignty by defeating Italy in the Battle of Adwa in 1896 during the first Italio-Ethiopian war. In the noble lineage of this, arguably most powerful black man in history, Tafari (the suffix to Rastafari meaning head leader) Makonnen took the name Halie Selassie, meaning “power of the trinity” when he was baptized into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and as emperor of Ethiopia and he followed in the glorious footsteps of his predecessors as his intrinsic son’s voice would become enriched by his father’s confrontational, philosophical and Afrocentric conquest. Mussolini of Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935 and Selassie sought political asylum in Britain for five years and returned having ousted Italy, the colonial oppressor from the land Eden was once proximate to. Inconspicuous to most, Marley even changed his name in 1980 before his death to Berhane Selassie meaning “light of the trinity” upon his baptism into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to honor the god of his exhultation. In 1935 Selassie gave an address before the delegates of the League of Nations petitioning their higher conscience in the wake of colonialist prejudice that threatened to decimate his country. He gave the famous speech that is word for word the lyrics of Bob Marley’s “War”, but he also spoke alluringly about the course of non violence not seeking retribution on the oppressor and not becoming embittered by the repugnance of racisms henchmen. He challenged the League to advocate the cause of Kennedy and applauded him for his opposition to prejudice sympathizing with his African brethren in America when he spoke reiterate at the conference for the United Nations years later. In 1955 the Bandung Conference was held in Indonesia symbolizing colored people across the world uniting for the cause of undermining white oppression. No European nations were invited to the conference, but 29 different nations of color convened to talk about liberating Africa from colonialism and protecting smaller Asian countries from the Communist oppression of the cold war and the Capitalistic oppression of the Korean War. These colored nation’s representatives, including Selassie, heralded for a separation from colonialism and imperialism, capitalism and socialism by developing their own independent faction of neutrality that Mohammed Fadhi Jamali of Iraq would call the Non-Aligned Movement in 1961, a third bloc independent of the east and the west. In this same year Jamaica sent delegates to visit Selassie in Shasemane to discuss another independent course of action. Mortimer Planno, was the founder of the doctrinal ideology of Rastafarianism which not only believes that Selassie is the personage of god, but that Jamaica is Babylon, the land of condemnation because it is where they were taken as slaves, Ethiopia is the set place of eternal salvation which can only be extended to people of African descent, god’s chosen people. Planno was among the three men sent to meet with Selassie in 1961 and he told them how he felt about his Ethiopian people being made slaves in Jamaica and furthered by telling them that Ethiopia is large enough to house all of the people of African descent outside of Ethiopia, encouraging them to repatriate. In 1962 Jamaica got its independence from Britain and in 1963 the Organization of African Unity was formed to liberate all African nations. In Addidas Ababba under the allegiance of 32 governments, Halie Selassie was its first chairperson. The mission was to promote solidarity and unity amongst African nations, to defend their sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence, and to eradicate all colonialism from Africa. Having due regard for the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights they would champion the cause of African socio-political freedom, while Selassie was espousing their psychological freedom in the enrapturing speech he gave. “We can never rest content with our achievements so long as men assert on racial discrimination, constitutes a negation of the spiritual and psychological equality we have fought to achieve and a denial of the personality and dignity which we have struggled to establish for ourselves as Africans. We must redouble our efforts to banish this evil from our land. We Africans occupy a different, indeed unique position, having for so long known oppression, tyranny and subjugation, who with better right can claim for all opportunity and the right to live and grow as free men?” In 1962 a teenage Bob Marley recorded his first two songs, “Judge Not” and “One Cup of Coffee” and in 1963 he founded the Wailers with Peter Tosh and Bunny three black nationalist activist who would use the spirituality of Reggae music to sermonize the teachings and philosophies of Halie Selassie, their true god. Marley was taught Rastafarianism by Mortimer Planno upon his return from Selassie. In 1966 Selassie came to Jamaica as their god redeemer and the nation was hysterical in reverential awe. During his visit he told Planno that they must first liberate Jamaica before they could repatriate to Ethiopia. This liberation was to take place through Marley giving the world Selassie’s gospel through Reggae. In 1966 the Bandung Conference that focused on liberating Africa and Asia from colonialism evolved into the Tri-Continental Conference which saw non-alignment become a Third World philosophy more crucially centered around the Latin Americas with the uprising of Che Guevara who condemned America in his famous speech in 1967 where he said that the Third World needed to cut the American imperialist head off. The Tri-Continental was becoming more aggressive natured than the Bandung, with antipathy directed toward the white world for oppressing the colored world. American CIA operatives killed Patrice Lumumba in the Congo seeing him as a Congolese Castro and the War on Vietnam cemented America as the imperialist savage. Bob Marley sang about African unity defying the colonial white supremist, yet he believed in the same non violence that Selassie practiced. As America became the focal point of the world in the 70s and 80’s the African consciousness, which Bob articulated, saw American imperialism as more villainous than European colonialism and as an advocate of the ideals of the Organization of African Unity, Bob’s revolution would coexist between King’s civil disobedience strategy and Malcolm’s by any means necessary philosophy. Malcolm formed the Organization of African American Unity in 1963 and was positioning himself to bring the US before the UN for acts of genocide as South Africa was brought up on charges by his idols before. Bob was the modern day embodiment of all of the ethnic ideals that challenged white supremacy: He was the representation of Non-Alignment, not aligning with the socialist Michael Manley or the capitalist imperialist Edward Seaga who was in cahoots with Regan in the 80’s. He was the personification of the charters of both the Organization of African Unity and the Tri-Continental Conference in that he fought to liberate nations under colonial and imperial control as he did in Zimbabwe. He was the spokesman for the most pro black religion on the face of the earth who exclaimed that god is black and salvation is only extended to his black chosen race and he was the link to liberate and repatriate Jamaica through the teachings in his music. He was a Garveyite for all practical purposes, his entire message was about Africa, it is misconstrued that it is about Jamaica which is why Rita Marley is planning to move his ashes to Shasemane where Selassie’s lie. He was to Selassie what Che was to Castro. He was the fusion of Rastafarianism and Ethiopian Orthodoxy, the herlalder of the philosophies of Malcolm about Pan African unity and the Buffalo Soldier, Dread Lock Rasta made his way to America singing Redemption Song in 1980 as the sole personification of black nationalist rhetoric becoming world anthemic. There is no known record of Marley meeting his god, but he knew him well and when black gods speak through their mortal spokesmen they do so in coded messages. When the 18 year old Bob recorded “One Cup of Coffee,” god was, through him, using coffee as a metaphor for blackness and was subliminally speaking to the subconscious of African Americans telling them to take the cup of coffee that is their amalgamated ethnicity “and go” back to the mother land from whence they came. It is my belief that the government uses seers and foretellers of mystic events, like the one Reagan is documented as utilizing during his presidency, to detect when godly possession of black men is taking place and they use that intelligence to kill the black messenger activist and his movement. Marley’s message and mission was repatriation and his music was its spell, white supremacy could never allow a black man to use Afrocentric divination to break the spell of Eurocentric sabotage. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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  1. lorijss says:

    Wow I am from Jamaica, born and raised and I have learned a lot from reading this.

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