The New Majority=Barack’s Failed Reelection

America will always have a race problem because the word America itself means “I am race” when uncrypted. Proponents of racism base their psychosis on the mathematics of their race being the majority race in the country equating that they are the most powerful race in the country. But that math is contingent upon the success of the majority’s population domination scheme, and once flawed math falls prey to karma, karma invokes fate and fate gives math new English. The 2011 census report revealed that non-Hispanic white births comprised 49.6% of all births in the 12 month period that ended last July, while Hispanic, African-American, Asian and bi racial births comprised 50.4 percent. Indeed the numbers indicate that white births are no longer a majority in America. Mathematics indicates that if people of color continue to have babies at higher rates than people of non color, eventually there will exist no authentically white people in America. When Britain expelled its undesirables to America, it was originally a covert death sentence, but when the fertility of the land was discovered it was decided that it would be an extension of Britain in two facets: it would be a feeder system to Britain’s economic structure, and it would be a replica of Britain’s phylogenetic structure, it would be mostly white. When the British arrived in 1607 one hundred men and boys encountered benevolently naïve Natives who offered food to precipitate fellowship but were offered small pox covered blankets by Field General of the British Army Jeffery Amherst in 1763. Biological Warfare was enacted during Pontiac’s rebellion to “extirpate the execrable race.” The Native American population declined from 100 million to 1.8 million primarily due to designer disease because the Europeans realized that in order to become a majority race they had to decimate the colored people capriciously. To understand the ideology of the American cultural construct, you must first articulate the temperament by which its progenitors psycho-evolved. Great Britain was established out of the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland merging under the Acts of Union in 1707. The Kingdom of Scotland was vehement on utilizing what was referred to as the Darien Scheme to broaden the grasp of Scottish control which meant Celtic supremacy in unchartered parts of the world. The scheme called for the development of The Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies funded by the Royal Bank of Scotland which also funded The Africa Trade Company which sold slaves. The Scottish, Irish and English people saw themselves as superior specimen and saw within their own confines the exclusivity of natural selection, that nature chose European advantage through white skin to proliferate the world and its purpose. The three nations warred in The War of the Three Kingdoms to oppose coming under one rule, which led to the English Restoration where they relished the unification in 1660. The history of Europe indicates that they have always rivaled internally for the underlying purposes of exonerating the pure white blood line as is evident in the wars between the Jutes, Angles, Saxons, in the 5th century. A 2002 study from the University College London conveyed that due the Germanic migration The Angles and Saxons accounted for 50 to 100% of the British population and they brought with them Celtic ideologies. Furthermore, Celtic ideology comes from the Iberian Peninsula which is modern day Spain, Portugal and Andorra, in the extreme southwest of Europe. It was referred to as such in 500 BC by Mellitus but according to the Greek historian Herodotus the Phoenicians acquainted the Greeks with the land and it is where the Romans fought Hannibal’s Carthaginians in the battle of Carthage in the Punic Wars between 246 and 146 BC. Though the people that populated the land of Iberia called the Celts or Celtiberians were never recognized until Hannibal’s arrival, these people tell a story of the European creation epic, which marks the birth of the Celtic( Scottish, Irish, Welsh people that populated Britain) or White Supremist ideology. Resoundingly, history, anthropology, and archeology tell us that humanity originated in the place the Greeks called Africa meaning birth place. Whether through the black woman Eve or sub human species like Gremaldi Man, Crumagden Man, Humectant Man, Homo Hablis, Homo Erectus, Homo Genus, they all emanated from lands in Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania. However, as widely acknowledged as this is due to the study of carbon 14, the Celtics say that Neanderthals were there around 200,000 BC and Celtic influenced archeologists say that 780,000 years ago Homo Erectus-like skeletons were found in an Iberian cave. They asses that the skeletons were from a new species called Homo Antecessor which is indigenous to Europe so as to assert a fictitious European origin of humanity. Furthermore, if British people are the Celtic people just described and carried with them the Celtic, White Supremist philosophies and ideologies that whites are superior because of the pontificated belief in Europeans being aboriginal when they colonized America, surely their aim was to create a Celtic America. But when they arrived Natives were the majority, and when they brought slaves, Africans were the majority, so they had to start biological warfare and ethnocide to delineate people of color. The three Latin inscriptions on the back of the dollar translated are: “Out of many, one,” “God has blessed our undertaking,” and “New Order of Secrets.” America was the dream of Celtic people of Germanic tribes who warred in 450 over the pure white blood, to form one nation that represented the white purity they all claimed they maintained. It was the dream of the Irish, British and Scottish who warred in the Battle of the Three Kings between 1639 and 1651 to create nation that represented the ideals of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which augmented the virtues set out in the Magna Carta such that the serfs are the slaves and weren’t considered completely human under the constitution. Moreover, no protection could be given them from the despot ruler, legitimizing the ethnocide on the Africans and the African Americans so that the Caucasians remained the majority in America. When slavery began in America, the slaves outnumbered the white slavers 10 to 1, hence white slave masters raped black slave routinely and lynched their husbands until the ratio balanced out. In the interest o the whites being the minorities, Willy Lynch was brought in 1712 to teach how to control the slave. In 1781, a black man, a Nuwabian Moor named John Hanson was the first president of the United States and in that same year the Christian Morovian Indian’s were being massacred to symbolize that not even religious assimilation could deter genocide; it was religion that sanctioned it. 1781 also marked the year that a British slave ship called the Zong threw 133 slaves overboard to recoup insurance compensation. The Solicitor General echoed the White Supremist thinking of the British when he said that it is the same as throwing horses or wood overboard, blacks are chattel, not humans, and that a master could drown slaves “without a surmise of impropriety.” 1781 was also the year that Thomas Jefferson published Notes on the State of Virginia which held the White Supremist beliefs that blacks were monkeys and subhuman, thus justifiable to exterminate. Between 1776 and 1800 a yearly average of 74,000 slaves were imported to the American colonies and the white Americans feared becoming the minority. The last time America had a black president and there was the threat of minorities becoming an overwhelming majority, people of color were minimalized and the black president was deposed for a white one named Elias Boudinot who was the director of the United States Mint. Karma has saw to it that once again people of color are to be the majority in this country and once again we have a black president going up against a white rival who controls more of the United States Mint. History tells us that this movie is a rerun because a black man controlling a soon to be majority colored America is the sum of all fears for white Americans. It is my belief that it is for this reason that President Obama implemented the law allowing gay marriage because the white power structure seeks to rectify people of color out numbering people of non color, and mathematically, if the new majority enter same sex marriage, their birth rate will be stifled. I don’t believe that Barack agrees with the implementation of this law because he is smart enough to know the cunning behind its creation. If the white power structure can force our black president to diminish the population of his own people, when they finish their puppeteering of him, they will inaugurate his rival who has more potential to control the country’s coinage, than he has to control the country’s color. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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One Response to The New Majority=Barack’s Failed Reelection

  1. Anna M. Alley says:

    I am very disapointed in the way Our current president has handled * HIS * chance to change things for the better ….in four years he has made little postive effect and NOW is a time for a new change . It is time to stop going back and move forward to stop being lazy and REALLY make a change for our future ….One thing that would be WONDERFUL to bring back if we are going to bring back anything let it be a stronger backing for middle/class famiies and suburbine areas .

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