The Real Avengers

When Aristotle, Ptolemy and their pupils were thumbing through the Egyptian papyri Alexander had just plageristically stolen from the temple of Thebes, do you think that the embryonic Greek mind, that scarcely knew what an eclipse was, marveled in fascination at the dynamism of Egyptian accomplishment through megalithic black hero’s? The Greek intellectuals had no imagination capable of inventing the stories they viewed as mythological, that were in actuality real supernatural events that occurred on Egyptian soil when all skin tones were sun drenched. Fascination is part envy, and part wonderment. The envy in the Greek pathology made the thieves of this rich history give the heroes a white face, while the wonderment made them simultaneously pay inconspicuous homage to the genius black wielders of awe. Stan Lee shares the sentimentality of those Greek thieves of Egyptian aboriginality, conjuring fanciful tales of superhuman accomplishment by white people with colored abilities while simultaneously paying homage to the black gods that scintillated by giving the super hero cryptic Afrocentric identification. The Avengers is a story contrived to hide the magnificence of black power in marvelous white abnormality. If you write a story about grandiose black gods existing inside the genetic abnormality of white power advantage, you make the white race look magical and superior and the black gods look innocuous. Who has more to “avenge” then the original gods of human conjuring, who happened to be black because the world knew the original people were black and were victims of identity theft by white inadequates? It is my contention that the movie Avengers is a story inadvertently giving homage to black gods through white embodiment. Foremost, Iron Man is the personification of a deified being traversing through the expanses of heaven and the confines of earth. Yet interestingly, in Yoruba culture, there is an Iron god who came to earth when the god Obatala was unable to craft earth from a sea shell, a Guinea Hen, sand and an Ikin. The Iron god Ogun gave mother Africa metallurgy so they could build communities in the jungle. The iron god was venerated and beseeched for giving man a higher capacity for civilization. The word Ogun in English connotes the will to survive and is likened to the voraciousness of male testosterone. Hence, Tony Stark is a decadent hedonistic, ego maniacal imparter of genius technological ingenuity symbolized by his embodiment as the black god of iron who gave the world technological advancement through the golden age of metallurgy. Without the god of iron, there would be no instruments for Africans to explore the fifth dimension which they believe is a long spectrum of light that is undetectable by the naked eye. After being illuminated by the iron instrumentation the eye was trained to see the dimension allowing the body to pass through portals in Africa and reappear, similar to the iron god, Iron Man, passing through portals in the movie. The Iron God that represents the invigoration of light is accompanied by a goddess who is a widow, and mother to the god of illumination. Marvel calls her the black widow, supposedly a Russian spy, Natalia Romanov, who is merely a metaphor for Isis, who is the most notable black widow of storied repute because she was married to the great god Osiris who was killed by his brother Set and avenged by Osiris and Isis’ son Horus, the black illumination god of wisdom. In the comic stories she is attracted to Hawkeye who is a representation of The Eye of Horus who himself is symbolized by a hawk. Horus lost his right eye to his uncle Set in his battle to avenge his father Osiris, and since it has been called the all seeing eye, for its reputation of wisdom in Horus’ craftiness to defeat a greater opponent, Hawkeye, is a representation of the “Hawk’s (Horus) Eye” on the back of the dollar bill this country uses to emblemize its wise conquest over the ominous nations of the world. Hawkeye is an archer and the black god hawk on the dollar bill has 13 arrows in its right talons symbolizing the Egyptian number of transformation, giving more credence to the analogy of the black god America has given arrows to being the white impersonator metaphor who shoots arrows at dimension intruders. The black hawk god Horus was known to travel in a self propelled solar sky boat while Hawkeye, the marvelous misrepresentation, travels in a self propelled solar sky cycle. In 4000 BC, many Hulk’s roamed the earth, only they were called Nephilim. God caused a flood to destroy the earth because wicked angels saw black women from heaven and in their lust materialized into human flesh to bear offspring by them. The offspring they produced were a giant race of half god, half man tyrants who pillaged humankind through barbaric tantrums. The land of mention in Gen 6:4 is the land of Canaan which then was called Sumer Akhad, Babylon, Chaldea or Shinar, all names referring to an Africanized race of people begat by Cush whose name means Ethiopia. White people as a race weren’t seen on the planet until about 1600 BC and it is notable that while the Egyptians had Semite or albino slaves prior, they didn’t become peoplized until at least 4 millennia later. Another way to analyze the color of the people in Babylon in 4000 BC is not by race, but by complexion, we know they were dark skinned because the inhabitants of the Middle East migrated from Ethiopia. There was an Ethiopian civilization in southern Mesopotamia who called themselves Babylonians. Cush’s son Nimrod ruled over this land that was comprised of dark skinned Ethiopians. Canaan was the youngest son of Ham the son of Noah from which all African nations progenated and the nation was called such because of the complexion oriented ethnicity of the people that dwelled there before and after the Flood. Hulks were also seen rampaging the land of Canaan when the Israelites were spying it out for the Promised Land, Numbers13:33 laments that the Israelites looked like grasshoppers in their eyes and Amos 2:9 frets that they were the size of cedar trees. The black giants were wrath actuated hybrid monstrosities that terrorized men because they were part god and part quintessential aboriginal stock. These Hulks were worshiped by men out of awe and faint fear because of their superhuman strength and immensity as seen in their symbolism in aggrandized fables that are homages to their massiveness. Thor is the son of the god Odin who disarticulated his son’s spirit and placed it inside of a crippled medical student on earth. Odin is the Scandinavian embodiment of the Egyptian god Horus. The German, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norwegian articulation of the Egyptian god in Eurocentric trans-analysis is that Odin resembles white godliness, instead of the black godliness his authenticity hails him to be. Before Egyptian miracles were called myths by Greeks, it was customarily acknowledged that the only gods of existence were black because it was widely acknowledged that black is the color, substance, and genotype from which all things sprang. Thor is a white bastardization mocking the improbability of a black god having a white son, he is the supremist’s agenda that masquerades Eurotheism in the place of Afrotheism. Furthermore, this host of black gods and goddesses, being misrepresented by either whiteness or mutation is led by Steve Rogers whose alter ego is Captain America, and his sole weapon, a shield, is all powerful due to properties of Afrocentric chemistry. Captain America’s shield is made of the fictitious metal vibranium which is said to come from the fictitious African land Wakanda where the Marvel comic hero Black Panther hails from and uses the metal shards to make his suit impregnable. Vibranium is a metal that absorbs frequency to empower itself and it is said, by Marvel, to have come from a meteorite that struck Wakanda and turned it’s African inhabitants into demon people. There exists a popular scientific theory that says meteorites striking the earth 4.6 billion years ago caused creation by imparting nitrogen through ammonia acids, the basic building blocks of life, into the ocean. Thus, the Marvel meteor is synonymous to the creation meteors that struck earth, which would have had to have stricken near the place that is the cradle of civilization- Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. Coincidentally, the fictitious African Marvel land of Wakanda is said to be located in East Africa just north of Tanzania and is indicative of the actual Wakamba tribe of Kenya. This brings us to the realization that Captain America gets his greatest power from black power, in the sense that the Black Panther’s source of power is his indigenous African dwelling where meteor deposits make him supernatural. Captain America is not a black god like his counterparts, but he derives his greatest power from that which caused the origin of humanity, whom were the earliest Africans which anthropologists say spawned from Kenya, Tanzania or Ethiopia. He represents more than black godship, he represents the possessor of secrets of cosmic power that composes the heavenly abode of the black gods and once propelled to earth can create life. Captain America is to the black gods avenging their anonymity and falsification what the passage on the back of the dollar bill is to the African insignias surrounding it. He represents the entity chosen to lead the impersonating gods in the universal conquest of Afrotheistic blasphemy and deity pontification. Emergently, the original black gods have more to avenge than any other personages because they gave us conception and purpose. In reality they will avenge themselves by heralding their blackness as the vessel nature chose to advance itself to become supernatural. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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