The Original Hood and Hoodlum that Trayvon came to Symbolize

We are told at Genesis 3:1 that the serpent proved to be the most cautious of all wild beasts of the field that God had made and it began to say to Eve, “Is it really so that God said you must not eat from every tree of the garden?” Uncannily, this biblical account gives us the inception of the hoods that embed in the collective unconsciousness of humankind and corrupted the perception of the message the hood conveys. When Trayvon was seen looking suspicious, it was due to the donning of the hoodie that he wore that conveyed something disturbing and sinister to the psyche of the white preconceiving notioners that were obstructed from seeing a villainously incredulous 17 year old African American teenager. As is with everything behavioral, there underlies a deeper more perverse mentality that provokes the insidious evil in man’s unleashing. We all have dreamed images of the scene that is the serpent deceiving Eve and Adam partaking what God forbade from human consumption because it is an integral part of the human subconscious experience, we fundamentally base our theory of morality from the impropriety of this account. The dream is unanimous because we are taught that it is the origin of humanity’s undoing, the impetus for sin thus damnation, furthermore we innately aspire for heavenly utopia to ratify condemnation to morbidity. When I see images of Trayvon wearing the hood I am taken to that subconscious part of my mind where hoods exist as anatomical appendage covers, not apparel and symbolize why the creation of the stereotype is subconsciously inescapable. The hood Trayvon wore is man made, but Genesis tells us that the first hoods of existence were created by the almighty, first the hood on the vulva of a the first woman Eve, and secondly the hood that extends circumferentially around the head of the cobra, which is a serpent by manner of the word serpent being analogous to snake. The clitoral hood is similar to the foreskin that is circumcised from the genital of the male, it is a fold of skin that protects the female clitoris. The cobra’s hood is created by the presence of elongated ribs that extend the, looser, neck skin outward as its neck flattens to form the hood shape while standing erect to intimidate predators. If indeed Eve was approached by a talking serpent, it likely would have been the cobra because it is renowned through history for its powers of entrancing and spell binding; it is the quintessential mystical creature that is capable of conducting the esoteric energy of the transcendental spirit. Cobras are analogous only to Asia and Africa and tree cobras are said to live in western and central Africa, the proposed geography for Eden. In our collective unconsciousness we share a universal dream of the cobra speaking to the black woman Eve, as the two hoods interconnect to create a third, the devil speaking through the cobra, using its hood to entrance Eve, whose clitoral hood was a part of the clitoris sensationing caused by the fear of the cobra’s language and entrancement through its hood. I have been told by some women that they unknowingly orgasm when they become nervous or afraid, and since the clitoris’ sole purpose is to cause orgasm, the clitoral hood is also instrumental because it secretes the sebum between it and the clitoris to allow for stimulation to take place. Perhaps Eve became so petrified at the sight of a talking cobra that she orgasmed out of fear, this could possibly constitute the first orgasm since the bible mentions the serpent’s encounter immediately after her creation from Adam’s rib extraction. Furthermore, in the birthing of humankind’s damnation the devil wore a hood in his possessing the serpent, the first orgasm as the personification of fear wore a hood as the covering atop the anatomical progenitor of the orgasm and the hoodless Adam was transformed in to the first hoodlum. Adam was coerced by the trickery of both hoods, the deception of the serpent wearing the hood and the arousal the contracting vagina gave him as Eve’s clitoral hood and clitoris mimicked the fear contraction the vagina was given from the talking serpent’s appearance. It’s possible that our universal dream of the Edenic Deception stereotypes the presence of the hood: as being mystical because it perpetuated the magic that was responsible for duping Eve, as being sexual because it could have been the clitoral hood’s sexual manipulation that convinced Adam to defy god and as being wicked because the first sinner became the first hoodlum. The bible says at Romans 5:12 that is was Adam who, through villainy, brought inherited sin upon mankind, not Eve, thus the black male hoodlum was born. In our subconscious dream of the Edenic Deception, the black male hoodlum is born by the interaction of two hoods creating a third as the sum of the two. These form the universal trilogy of the hood whose ponderance over purports the anatomical boy to reach manhood. Manhood is defined as the state of coming into manly maturity or as physically being the male genetalia that is the foreskin covering the penis. When male babies are born, their “manhood” or foreskin is removed during circumcision so, psychologically, males are forced to quest the plight of retrieving our manhood through the acquisition of interpreting the dream of man becoming hoodlum: the serpent’s hood, teaching Eve’s hood vaginal contraction, which she used to sexually coerce Adam to become the first defiant one, the first hoodlum. When we articulate the meaning of this dream to our psyche during adolescence, we are translating what it means to become man by interpreting what it means to become a transgressor, and while our man’s-hood is reached, inequity or degeneracy is born. But what happens when people that are born genetically degenerate due to the absence of melanin process this dream? Perhaps they not only see Adam as being black, but they define their coming into transgressing as the mimicry of black sin, thus they despise the black male for giving them sinful tendencies, and they repulse the black woman for birthing them defective, lacking pigmentation which makes their propensity to sin ungodly and disturbing. They see the black male as the original sinner or hoodlum, the black male as the devil because the oldest magic was euphemized as black magic and the Edenic Deception’s antiquity would associate the devil’s entrancing of Eve as being a black art to the white male psyche. Lastly, the white male psyche, along with these other descriptions sees a black male in a hood as a term other black males call one of their own who is a defector of his manhood, a “pussy ass nigga.” The idiom becomes an alliteration when a black male is actually seen wearing a hood because, psychologically, he is seen as the cause of sin because he replicates Eve’s clitoral hood, thus he appears to be a “pussy” in a psychological sense. In reality when we see black males with hoods we should think about the first priest, the Ethiopian Melchezideck who instructed Abraham in Canaan, or the Desert Men of the third century AD who were esteemed as the originators of the monastic life and the first monasteries, or the Coptic Monks of 271 AD and the Augustinian Monks who taught Catholic priest their ritualistic existence. When Zimmerman saw Trayvon wearing a hood, in his subconscious mind, he saw the devil or serpent in his hood, a “pussy ass nigga” or Eve’s manipulating clitoris under her clitoral hood, and the original black male hoodlum that was the defector of perfection perpetuating the unlikely state of whiteness. When male babies are born, the hood that covers the penis is circumcised to expose the appendage that is the identifying mark of manhood. In a metaphorical sense, the circumcising of the hood that covered the manhood accruing Trayvon symbolized Zimmerman removing that covering over what he saw as the devilment that led to his genetic demise and phenotypical insecurity that inferiorized his manhood. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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One Response to The Original Hood and Hoodlum that Trayvon came to Symbolize

  1. lorijss says:

    Quite an interesting read. “Trayvon symbolized Zimmerman removing that covering over what he saw as the devilment that led to his genetic demise and phenotypical insecurity that inferiorized his manhood.” So basically what I understand from reading this is that, Zimmerman’s gun is his private part, or to put frankly, Zimmerman’s gun is his penis, and due to his own insecurites mixed with imagination, he wanted to feel as if he had the more manly private part and shot Trayvon Martin to feel like he had the more manly private part? The gun represented Zimmerman’s insecurities about his own manhood. To Zimmerman, his gun was an extention of his small “inferiorized” private part?

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