Black Girl Lost? An Original Take on the Psyche of Attraction

Academia and religion would have no conceptual lure were it not for the Egyptian Mystery Schools that taught the unification of the “astral body” represented by the god Osiris and the “etheric body” represented by the goddess Isis. The etheric body is the lowest layer of the human energy field called aura and is a facet in the system of seven planes and bodies in the human’s acquisition to becoming divine. It is said to be a field of energy that comes into contact with the physical plane to sustain and purport it to connect with higher divine beings. The Etheric body or etheric aura draws energy from the sun to sustain the physical body until death to nurture its ascension into becoming god like; it is the method by which the soul becomes clairvoyant. The astral body is referred to as the subtle body which is the intermediate between the awakened soul and the physical body as the flesh attempts to have an outer body experience with the beyond and becomes ecstatic through the ascension of the etheric body represented by the black goddess Isis. Astral projection can only take place through the metaphysical heightening of the soul by the black woman taking it to higher energy states. The earliest ancient monarchs were viewed as demigods when the two bodies joined allowing for the individual to move through cosmic worlds after having become enlightened enough in the senses. When Aristotle began plagiarizing Egyptian papyri after Alexander’s invasion in 331 BC, the Greeks took credit for calling the study of the body’s transformation into spirit, Metaphysics, and pontificated the truths the Egyptians espoused about their grandiloquent goddess Isis, which made clairvoyance possible. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were privy to much of the ancient philosophies about the material body’s transfiguration through the prowess of intellect and ecstatic energy taught by the Egyptians and used this edification in their psychoanalytical studies, but they refused to acknowledge the significance of Isis representing the ability to transcend enlightenment. They called the part of the mind where memories are collected from human experience respective to a species, collective unconsciousness, and the Egyptians called it the superconsciouness. This place in the mind is where characteristics and ideals reside that causes us to have natural inclinations toward certain emotions or predispositions without consciously choosing to do so. In The Drama of Sacred Life the Egyptians say in A Dynasty 12 papyrus that Man had a conversation with his “Ba”, or spiritual counterpart about wanting his soul to pass on to death to become god like. The black Egyptian male’s spiritual counterpart was the Isis embodiment, the grand black woman, that energized his soul to the cosmic heights that allowed it to be transfigured divinely, and the black males spiritual counterpart today is the grand black woman who should be the Isis embodiment that energizes his soul to cosmic heights, he calls her his “Boo”. The Drama of Sacred Life still plays in the collective unconsciousness of black people because it was embedded in the unconscious mind of the black people who invented it of which we share the same species. In the black woman’s collective unconsciousness something is kinetic, but terribly malfunctioned in the sense that instead of being the black man’s spiritual counterpart that helps his soul become divine, she is the spiritual deterrent that incites and corroborates with him to become a subhuman imbecile, lacking real intellect. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that in the Garden of Eden, which some say is metaphorical for the etheric body woman taking the astral body man to that ecstatic level to become god like by Eve giving the apple to Adam which symbolized his consumption of her aura purporting him to either glorification or damnation, the first black woman was destructively impressed by the first black man. Gen 2:23 says that Adam told Eve she was at last bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, which constituted the first rapport or “rap,” which just so happened to be projected to black woman with enhanced esoteric powers of deduction who became smitten and enamored by the poetic insurgence of her male counterpart. She processed this and internalized an affinity for a black man jargoning with her through rhythmic rapport, or “rap” and this became programmed in her collective unconsciousness causing black women today to internalize and be impressed upon by the same phenomenon, the rapping of a black male. Somehow Eve forgot that it was her that was supposed to be the one giving ascension to Adam’s soul, but his words were what the Egyptians called “sexual magic” that was to arouse the vital body to travel outside of the physical realm, but it gave her the outer body experience of losing her mind and her metaphysical purpose of heightening man. Therefore when black women hear the sexual magic in the rap from a black man, their collective unconsciousness takes them to a place of complete vulnerability and ecstatic lunacy where they lose the capacity become the cosmic catalyst for the black man’s immortality. Moreover, there are times in history when sacrament synchronizes with incident to make what nature has been trying to tell us all along more apparent. Namely, that the black woman who represented the most potent god because she makes the black male god eternal, is losing her splendor and awe to the mediocrity of terrestrial and common thinking. The city of Paris was named such because Europeans were avid in their worship of Isis in that part of France, so they called the city Para Isisdos, or house of Isis. She was routinely worshiped in a cathedral called Notre Dame, which means grand woman, named such because the grand woman of supplication was Isis herself. At present, institutions that refer to themselves by this name cater to the veneration of white supremacy, which is why they emblemize themselves with the Celtic image of the Leprechaun. The irony or blasphemy in this is that an institution bearing the name of the cathedral where the black goddess was worshiped for eternalizing the black male should extol black supremacy, not white supremacy. The fact is that they know that if they augment the truth about why the black woman should be venerated, and exclaim why white purity should be venerated, the black woman’s true role in her immortalizing the black man’s godship will go unrecognized. Skylar Diggins plays basketball for Notre Dame’s female team and her abilities are seen as god like, or supernatural. She probably doesn’t know that she is supposed to be embodying the role of the advent of Isis since she represents the Grand Woman Isis and her ability to preserve the black male through preservation of his phallic virility which represents his cosmic rejuvenation. The Isis Papers tells us that the basketball is brown because it represents controlling the black man’s testicle and passing it through a brown rimmed orifice that represents colored conception with the ovum of a black woman. Skylar, like the Grand Woman Isis, who saved Osiris’ phallus from a frog and brought it to the god Ra for his resurrection, is also harnessing the power of the black man’s sexual vitality and should be metaphorically making it holy, which means that since she is Isis on the world stage, she should be stalwart in her responsibility to enrich her black male god counterpart’s soul, as if she is taking it upward to make it divine. Sadly, she is unknowingly doing the bidding of white supremacy that wants the Isis embodiment to be attracted to and perpetuate their black male god counterpart’s low sink of ignorance. Driven by the compulsion of her collective unconsciousness, she is smitten by the sexual magic in the rap of Lil Wayne, just like Eve was and has forgotten that she is supposed to be the energy imparter that takes his soul to the sun. Instead, on the grand stage, where sacrament and incident only meet one time in a specific junction, where she has become the grand woman Isis for the world to see, she ingratiates the ignorant rant of a man who prefixes himself as a boy and claims to be the son of a grown man called Baby. He couldn’t be more emasculated and she couldn’t be more uninformed of her responsibility to make him clairvoyant before the world so they can see The Drama of Sacred Life as it is supposed to be, black and transfiguring. The racist, sexist white men that translated the bible relegated Isis in the holy trinity to be a holy ghost, with no identity, and it was she that caused Jesus to be transfigured as Elijah and Moses before Peter James and John. Through this experience he was audibly called the “sun.” Skylar means scholar and is indicative of one who enlightens, as the symbol of the grand enlightener, Isis, she should be causing the transfiguration of the man-boy into man by enlightening Wayne with her aura, instead it seems she is giving him a “transniggeration” by fancying his ignorance she is assisting in the reduction of himself into recidivistic infant.My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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One Response to Black Girl Lost? An Original Take on the Psyche of Attraction

  1. Joanna Galloway says:

    I came across this blog under another directive… But I assure that the universe is faithful and this is supreme…supremely indeed. I know I will have to re-read it when I have some down time but this price is priceless. Thanks for sharing your thoughts for this is how energy is exchanged. Again, I thank you.

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