Red Tails

A snippet from a supposed conversation held in George Lucas’ mind: “How can I pretend to be engendering to the black audience while simultaneously appeasing my black wife by making a movie about black accomplishment, that would in reality exploit the achievement, sabotage the future of black films and portray black people to be what I truly perceive them as, monkeys? Well, I can be covert about the derogatory nature of my symbolism because not many people know who Babi is, the underworld baboon deity who assisted Thoth in weighing the scales of the righteous and unrighteous and simultaneously was the devourer of the souls Ma’at (the personification of the concept of truth and order) sentenced to the underworld. The great Egyptian king Menes who united the upper and lower kingdoms of Egypt in 3100 BC and instituted the first dynasty after the Asians infiltrated and corrupted it was said to have transformed into Babi, the god bull of the baboons and alpha male of all baboons. My observers are too uneducated to understand that most of my science fiction is in fact historical accounts of the ancient black world mixed with Egyptian mythology, so they will never catch on to me being erstwhile and clever about making a movie to call black people monkeys. They could never know that Babi is said to be the transformed son of Osiris which is important because one of the greatest black men to ever live will continue to live because his father is the god of resurrection unless I turn his legacy into one of baboonery to prevent black people from reincarnating his exploits. Black people are too uninformed to know of their true greatness, King Menes built the early capital city of Egypt called Memphis which the ancients said was so vast that it was a day’s journey in every direction. He is the reason we call the presidents quarters the white house today because he built the Pharaoh’s quarters enclosed in a double white wall which shared the name “White House” in his day. His real name is Narmer or Aha which is where the word “Aha moment” comes from as a tribute to his epiphanizing intelligence. Because of him the Africans referred to their land as Kemet (the black land) and its inhabitants as Kemiu (the blacks). Black people are too inept to know that the word pharaoh is an Asian term; Menes had the foresight to call an Egyptian king, whom was coal black as the name Kemet indicates because the hieroglyph is a charred black block of wood, a “Ngu” in the Medu Netcher language. This word having the appropriate vowels would be rendered “Nigu” or pronounced “Nigga”. Some niggas of are versed enough to know where the word Negro comes from but are foolish enough to believe the dictionary’s definition of “Nigga” as an ignorant person and are idiotic enough to allow white critics, who in Narmer’s day were his Semite slaves, to condemn them for referring to each other in that manner. In actuality it identifies that they are black kings. Menes was the keeper of the teachings of Ptah, the imposter Asiatic Africans believed in the cult of Horus, but the teachings of Ptah was to be the true religion of the African. Ptah was the god of creation, the god of true wisdom, the opener, the god who ceremmonialized the opening of the mouth as speech, the craftsman or potter of all divine beings, the universe came into existence because of him by speaking words and causing them to become matter, he is said to be the grandfather of Imhotep which is the first multi genius and first man to be given the name “The Christ”, the man who reversed the current of the Nile, the smartest man who ever lived. Niggas can never know that they are “Ngu” because of king Narmer and shall never know that Narmer was the keeper of their true religion of which the primordial god begat a black man who was to be their prototype had his religion flourished. It’s up to smart white people to fictionalize their history just like Bill Everett did in creating the first Marvel superhero mutant comic character, the Submariner, whose name was Namor, a variation of the name Narmer. You see we take black history and contort it into cartoonery and comic satire so that people will never believe it’s real and its subjects, black people, will never be smart enough to decode it so as to repeat profound history making. Everett relegated Narmer to a prince in his comic, who was called a savage having a high propensity of rage, as they say of strong black conquerors. He was the ruler of the oceanic underworld, a contortion of Narmer, turned Babi being a ruler of the Hadenic underworld, but who at one point was said to be destitute having amnesia. Everett was portraying, that black men this great are destined to have ancestors who will lose their historical and cultural wealth and forget who they are. Yet this Namor found his people and waged war on New York City for destroying his Atlantean city. Narmer’s city of Memphis was similarly destroyed but instead of him finding his people through later re-advents, because of smart white people like us, they remain the lost tribe of Shabazz wandering in the wilderness we have created for them. The wilderness I am creating for them is to fictionalize their figurehead into a caricature of what he transformed into in the underworld, a baboon. Niggas should be monkeys, not kings, because as kings white people are their slaves, but as monkeys white people are their superiors. So let’s see, baboons have red buttocks and are from the species of primate from the family Cercopithecidae of which contains the Cercopithecus which actually have red tails. “Aha” I shall make a movie called “Red Tails” to overtly describe the crimson paint on the P-51 Mustangs the Tuskegee Airmen flew as a tribute to their achievement. Yet this will actually be my way of relegating intelligent black men into baboons while simultaneously telling their subconscious mind that Narmer is a baboon with a red tail, not the greatest king to ever live. So I’ll get the nigga John Ridley to give me his script so that I can get the nigga who intentionally turns his people into baboonish cartoons, Aaron Mcgruder to co write it so the nigga Anthony Hemmingway, who I indoctrinated when he worked for me on the Indiana Jones series, to believe that white people should be the possessors of holy black grails, to direct it! Niggas will never know that I am indirectly demeaning them, the film will portray the most intelligent black men of the country as baboons and rascal cavorting imbeciles who have the jovialness of monkeys at play, their anger propensity and high sex drive. Niggas are too dumb to see that there is not one black woman in the movie, in fact, I took the only African, David Oyelewo and made him act out his animalistic sex drive on a white woman he calls his beautiful goddess. I shall call him Joe Little, niggas are too dumb to know that his name indicates his level of emasculation by white supremacy, niggas are too dumb to know that since baboons are constantly showing their teeth I will have the characters do the same in their buffoonery sessions. They will be more worried about merry making than history making! I will have one of the niggas writing the movie open it with a military quote about black intellectual inferiority and I will prove it by buffonerizing them through infantile play, showing no mature cognition. The film will not feel monumental, prestigious or prodigious, it will feel like a comic book, it will not be poignant, nor prolific it will be pitiable profuse with explosions and pod race adaptations from my contemporary Star Wars movies. It will not bespeak of prominent black historicity as did “Glory” because these niggas I employed will make it feel like Roll Bounce or Stomp the Yard, they’re too dumb to know they never see the black community, or America in 1944, there will be no contextualization between racism at home and privilege in civil service. I will make sure their double consciousness is not portrayed, and I will cast people who look like they are better suited to act in Glee than a movie of such grandiose proportions. Niggas are too dumb to know that the Tuskegee Airmen’s allies most often referred to them as “Red Tail Angels” and their emblem was a Black Panther spiting red fire. These images carry a totally different connotation, thank god they don’t read! You’re a genius George, you’ve managed to sabotage black cinema by making a movie that black people think is uplifting them, but is adroitly dehumanizing them! George, you’ve managed to call black people baboons, and desecrate their greatest leader who is the keeper of their true religion, you are ensuring that they will stay Niggas, not Ngus! Niggas are too dumb to know that they were called monkeys in WWI by the Japanese generals who told their soldiers to have no remorse shooting nigggas because they aren’t even human, they have monkey tails tucked in their fatigues. Their too stupid to know that in Bill Everett’s fictionalization of King Narmer he belongs to what the comic calls a clandestine policy group called the “Ill——i” (*see Wikipedia Namor last paragraph under “Character”) to infer that black people’s greatest king is the founder of the secrets of the group that some say takes black kings today and makes them slaves. In our line of work we call this foreshadowing, I’ve been contorting black people’s history the same in cryptic movies my entire career, I’ve mastered making their legacy a mockery so well that the NAACP will give me their coveted Vanguard Award for this cinematic insult, stupid niggas!..” I am not really George Lucas, my name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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