How does a white penis infiltrate into a film about Afrocentricity, cultural betrayal, the destruction of the black family through clandestine adultery and marital strife based off of discriminatory economic disadvantage and sexual disorientation? How does a white penis materialize in a film that uses woman versus society and woman versus self conflict as the anecdotal recalibration of the black masculine subjugation by patriarchy? How does a white penis find its way into a film where dreadlocks and kinky hair are celebrated in the absence of Eurocentric hair politics and African names ring of past life prominence and pre colonial efficaciousness? How can a white penis be present where inner city urbanism mantras aggrandize culturally primordial identities over European attributes given by amalgamation? How does a white penis appear amidst the vindication of ethnicity and individuality through the exoneration of poetry, the idiomatic slang of Hip Hop’s nativity with blackness, the labor intensive commitment to love through the refracted self loathing of social bottom feeding? A white penis finds itself erect on the pelvis of the preemptive woman with preoccupations of gender revolutionizing because she consciously wants to possess the vessel that makes her fictitious manhood palpable. I watched in shock at the emergence of the biological distortedness that compromised Pariah’s Afrocentric integrity by giving the main character, Alike, a white penis. I pondered in an all white theatre amidst thunderous applause how destructive that symbolism is to the “psyche of blackness” that actuates the modus operandi of our being. I can attempt to compare it this way: There is a species of frog in the Amazon that has been known to change its gender when exposed to sudden atmospheric changes such that a female can morph into a male and then back into a female for the purpose of furthering its kind in the face of extinction. These Androgynous frogs undergo what’s called gender metamorphosis to become male to fertilize its female eggs in the absence of intercourse’s opportunity. In Pariah Alike decides to morph into a male so that she can possess more virility to impact the masculinity of her image to impress on the girls she wants to make solvent sexually. Thus in a sense, she undergoes a gender metamorphosis of sorts, like the frog, because subconsciously she wants to maintain the ability to reproduce without having to indulge copulation for the sake of furthering the disposition of her psyche. The problem with this is that when nature decides to alter the biological composition of these frogs, it gives them the masculine hormones analogous to the specificity of their species. It would make no logical sense for nature to give frogs the testes or sperm of a snake because snakes are frog’s predators and the reason for their threatened extinction, not to mention that its offspring would be a genetically abnormal abomination. To that end, it is preposterous for Alike to equip herself with a white penis as a representation of gender metamorphosis because the white penis is the predator of the black genome because since slavery it has made vocation out of forcibly amalgamating the black race to become a lighter hue hybrid through rape. Dee Rees (the writer/director) is attempting to create an image of a black girl trying to find herself through the ratification of her femininity through the seizure of what “the penis” stands for. Alike tells her friend in the movie that she wants a strap to help embolden her image because she is aware that effectively acquiescing a woman sexually requires the presence of the male appendage. Her friend buys her a white dildo from a sex store and the movie depicts Alike and her friend putting it on her in Alike’s bedroom only to have her younger sister intrude and see the penis erect atop her boxer drawers. Dee Rees may not understand that to give Alike a white penis is to give a frog snake testes because it promotes the reproduction of the abominable psyche that says “black women who like black women can dominate them with patriarchy’s white genocidal vessel that has dominated the brown races since genetic envy gave birth to savagery.” It says that “black women who like black women can further the destruction of the black civilization by ridding black women of the psyche of blackness and infesting them with the mentality of white phallic gene corruption so that they psychologically see themselves not as identity reaffirmed black women but as subjects of white supremacy.” It says that even “the black woman can be emasculated and given the penis of the oppressor so that she can residually penetrate another black woman’s psyche with subconscious thoughts of the white penis decreasing the black color.” A Microsoft ad targeted at IT professionals photo shopped a white man’s face on a black man’s body who was the original professional in the advertisement. They placed the white man’s head on the black man’s body when they sent it to Poland whom they accused of having a viler race problem. Well America still has a virulent race problem and to give a black girl a white man’s penis in a black movie says to the racist white mind, “this premise is acceptable because it is about the black psyche’s acquisition of power through white supremacy.” John Mayer was ostracized by black musicians because he made a statement about his penis being a white power symbol that subjugates the black woman, so we know that white supremist think of their penis as their racist emblem. When a black writer/director intentionally gives her black lesbian character the white supremist symbol to subjugate black women with, it says that in her psyche, she adheres to the furtherance of white supremacy through black male absenteeism and racial gender metamorphosis. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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  1. King Malcolm says:

    Sometimes a dildo is just a dildo.

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