How to Make a Slave by David Stern

In 1712, slave owners on the Virginia Colony were up in arms about the cantankerous and irascible temperament of the slaves they were trying to control like silly putty instead of human beings. In their infernal frustration to get the African to relinquish his god given pride, they construed as obstinacy, they wrote a letter to a West Indian Slave owner named Willie Lynch to break the psyche of the African into one of an automaton, or a lesser conscientious living species. Willie Lynch showed the soulless evildoers how to make a man, who is metaphysically one with space, earth and atmosphere because of his chemical symbiosis, into a horse, docile, obedient, resigning and intellectually dependant on the higher species for guidance and conscience. Fiendishly, they broke the psyche of the African until he was placid enough to eat out the white man’s hand just as the horse would after being domesticated. In 1857 a paradigm shift occurred in the countenance of the slave. In the 1800’s slaves being born in America began looking and behaving more distinctly, analogous to the environmental atmosphere of their new place of origin. They were a generation or so removed from the Africans who were brought here who had become Americanized in the sense that they had been so psychologically broken by the tactics of devilment that Willy Lynch introduced that the instinctual African nobility was replaced with a beseeching subservience derived from fear and mental recalibration. The American born slave was still heavily melanated and phenotypically African in appearance, but he began developing a manner of being that was the inception of swagger. He moved different, the syncopation of his vocal rhythm changed, his disposition about his captivity was more inquisitive and displayed itself through his facial deportment, and most visibly, his hair changed. The African slaves prior were wearing their hair in the manner in which it grew from the scalp, however, as typified by Dred Scott, the new slaves began wearing dred locks unintentionally, but with an intentional political agenda. White owners noticed the hair emancipation and the swagger and instantaneously became mortified because physical independence is a precursor to psychological independence. The term dread locks came from the man Dred Scott, whose hair was said, by white people, to have a “dreadful appearance”, meaning that its independence of character petrified the conventionalist paranoia. Dred Scott was born into slavery around 1795 to a Virginia family who relocated to St. Louis in 1827, in 1833 he was sold to an army surgeon who relocated to Rock Island Illinois where slavery was forbidden by state law. They moved back to Missouri in 1838 after living as a free man for five years and the issue was whether he would be deemed free still, having moved back to a slave state. Seven previous cases brought on the same grounds in Missouri had freed slave plaintiffs. But something was different about the man they called “Dred,” he was seen as defiant and arrogant because of the nonconformity of his appearance. The case went before the supreme court where Chief Justice Robert B Taney, who 16 years earlier presided over the Amistad mutineers, freed his own slaves and argued that slavery was a blemish on the national character, changed his mind drastically about Negroes because the dreadful appearance of Mr. Scott. He concluded that “The African Race…were not intended to be included in the Constitution for the enjoyment of any personal rights or benefits. Negroes are beings of an inferior order and altogether unfit to associate with the white race…so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” In 1984, David Stern became the commissioner of the NBA when Michael Jordan was revolutionizing the game as well as the look and swagger of the athlete. Jordon symbolized, what then, was the zenith of the evolutionary process from the act of slave breeding that was used to make more virile slaves. David Stern belongs to a fraternity whose name meant “The Cosmic Fraternal Order” and was instituted to subjugate lower people to the order and called their actions the highest precepts of true manhood. The fraternity has strident and myopic philosophies on the definition of good moral character. David Stern saw the maturation of the slave making evolutionary process perfected in Michael Jordan and thus capitalized on its allure and super human ability by putting in on display for the world to revel at in awe. What David Stern didn’t account for was that these superhuman athletes were Dred Scott in the sense that their style, manner of being, disposition, deportment and swagger was rebellious, radical and anti-establishment, which he didn’t see as good moral character. Since, due to the ardent philosophies of his politics, David Stern believes that Negroes are of an “inferior order” just as Roger Taney did, he devised a document that was as proslavery as the constitution was to Dred Scott’s brethren, the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The NBA saw the black athlete become the Nephilim of the athletic world when Vince Carter dunked by jumping over a 7 foot tall man in the Olympics revealing his, reported 60 inch vertical. Around this same time players began expressing themselves through hair politics such as braids, locks and twists, which were seen by white owners as an affirmation of black arrogance and a manifestation the braggadocio of genetic superiority. Black players now showcase their radicalism through tattoos, which when coupled with super human athletic feats, are views by white owners as defiant and indicative of elitism. Lebron James was made to cover his up in high school, because he can dunk from the free throw line during a game and his skin art would be boasting his genetic superiority. Players have become Dred Scott and Francis Cress Welsing says in “The Isis Papers” that basketball is a metonym for the controlling to the brown ball, meaning the black and brown chromosome and putting it through a round, colored hole that represents a woman’s womb as an act of colored human conception in the psyche. In 2007 Stern inserted a new ball to show that he controls the brown ball, or the black chromosome of the New Nephilim and during the drafting of the new collective bargaining agreement he uttered, “I know where the bodies are buried in the NBA because I buried them myself.” This is a man expressing his fear of the Dred Scott New Nephilim and not being able to make him eat out of his hand. Just as the slave owners wrote a letter to Willie Lynch, Dan Gilbert wrote a letter to David Stern saying that he shouldn’t let the Chris Paul trade go through, i.e. “control your slave, you own that team!” David Stern’s vetoing of that trade was in essence telling Chris Paul that he was chattel property, David Stern controls the brown ball and that “Negroes have no rights that the white man is bound to respect.” Many say it was a power trip, but it’s more like a psychological slavers ploy to remind the slave of his captivity. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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One Response to How to Make a Slave by David Stern

  1. emel says:

    Great stuff, but tattoos represent criminal expression to me more than the “braggadocio of genetic superiority”. Maybe it’s generational. Looking forward to getting into the other essays though. Thanks.

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