Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time the earliest people that traversed the earth were the myths of fairy tale. Anthropology, the study of carbon 14 and scientific analysis of human genetics tell us that the first people of existence were black, only the black chromosome is progressive enough to subdivide into other colors that comprise it. Archeologist tell us that the cradle of civilization lied between where the Euphrates, Tigris, Gihon (Nile) and Pishon rivers converged in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley near the Gulf of Persia, which at that time was the land of Babylon or Southern Mesopotamia which was populated by the jet black people that came to be called Ethiopians. Whether you call this region, Sumer, Akkad, Chaldea or Babylonia, the fact remains that these people were jet black, the complexion of the people that live in the Sudan which means, “Land not taken from the Blacks.” Gloger’s Law says that any people indigenous to an equatorial region must be a dark complected people. At this time in history, some 170,000 years ago, the Tigris Euphrates Valley was a part of Africa and because of the alluvial deposits that flowed in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that began in the mountains of Armenia, as well as the rich nutrients the Nile offered, the valley was the most fertile area the world has ever known, hence it’s characterization through the name The Garden of Eden. When the people of Libya and then Ethiopia populated Egypt an immense amount of time had passed since humanity’s origin, and the Egyptians in all their erudite wisdom and unparalleled intellect began to theorize on the gods that roamed to and from earth that intellectualized the human plane and made its inhabitants one with the cosmos. The Egyptians tell us a story that is the prototype for what came to be the modern “fairytale.” The Egyptians called the god/demi-god beings that roam between heaven and earth Neter, or Neteru. Neter is where the word Nature comes from. One Egyptian classification, according to Anthony Browder, is that there were eighteen male and eighteen female Neter that had celestial powers and controlled ten degrees of the universe. Thirty six times ten is 360, which is where the degrees of the circle comes from. The Egyptians believed that only five degrees of the universe was controlled by man thus 365 became the numerical system for calculating a year in Egypt with the addition of one quarter. Another classification of the Neter is that there were 42 of them and they articulate the framework for Egyptian cosmology which is where the “fairytale” comes from. Papyrus Sallier II remarks a “Hymn to the Omnipotent Nile” lauding the Neter Hapi, the universal lord for extolling the greatest of the Neteru and having created all. We derive the words “happy” and “happiness” from his name. The Neter’s Nun and Naunet represent the “Principle of Genesis” which is motion, and the “Principle of Substance” which is matter, the convergence of these forces produces Paut, the first matter, or what we call spirit. The Neter, Kuk is the function of darkness and Kuket is the function of light, where darkness is seen as the original harboring of matter in its inertia stage and light as the awakening of the energy, yet darkness had to be present for light to be born. The earliest theorization of darkness and light mentions darkness as giving birth to light, therefore darkness exist first and has nothing to do with evil, nor does light have anything to do with righteousness. However, Europeans who translated the bible used the Neter for darkness and light wrongly; they interpret light as being initial and darkness being second or artificial, and light or whiteness as being righteous and darkness as being inherently wicked. The bible is a collection of fairytales which doesn’t mean the stories are imaginary, it just means that the people who use the original story to their racial advantage have twisted it so that some of it is make believe. Just as Europeans came to call the Neter “Nomes” in their society and made them little old white men who practice the same magic that black gods were supposed to, all of our modern day fairytales stem from stories or principle in Egyptian cosmology that ultimately support their agenda. This is why when I watch the show on ABC, “Once Upon a Time,” I am not moved, because I know the truth. The show borrows from the German anthropologist Johann Blumenbach who in 1779 divided humanity into five species: Caucasian-white, Mongolian-yellow, Malayan-brown, Ethiopian-Black and American-red. Of these he said that black people came from primates and that white people were the first on the earth (i.e. Adam and Eve) and that all races degenerated from them because of bad diet and bad environment. He said that white is the most decent and beautiful of all the races and his converts in the scientific racialism period between 1880 and 1914 furthered by asserting that blackness is, by nature, impure and white is purity. It is no coincidence that 1914 is when Hollywood arose, and what ideology do you think was at the core their cinematic agenda? In the show the evil queen wears all black, the magic of pure evil is black, when characters become villainous they become dark, and the saviors of the show wear white or a suit of lights. Everything about the show is racist, and stems from the opinion of inhumane anthropologist in a period where everything they said was to degrade blackness. If they told the truth about “fairytales” all of the characters would be African Neter and magic would have no color. In the second episode a black fairy god mother was blown up as if to say a black god mother is preposterous. Sadly, Hollywood knows the truth, but if told it would give white people an uncomfortable non existence. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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2 Responses to Once Upon a Time

  1. Asha N. Rahni says:

    Indeed, Kinshasha, you’re intelligence is superior! It a breath of fresh air, a heavenly gust of wind to lift the consciousness from self-hatred and ignorance. Give Thanks!

  2. mybrownsparkles says:

    Wow you know your stuff. Regardless, god is the seer of all things. We cannot control the media. But we can control where we rank in gods eyes.

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