The Help

If I were an educated white person who knew my history I wonder if I would be inclined to entertain a movie that depicted me as a nomadic, savage like, barbarian heathen possibly crawling on all fours like an animal, exhibiting retarded intellect, having not even the dexterity to a command a communicable language, lacking the civility that kept me from eating the flesh of my family members dead carcasses. Would I be able to withstand being appalled at the sight of myself having no laws, no civilization of any sort, seemingly destitute of memories and too removed from understanding to actuate hope? By 1500 BC when l became prevalent half of human history already passed before I could read and write at a time when Egypt had a luxuriant intellectual legacy and was the world center of power wealth and culture there was no Europe it was divided by the Rhine-Danube frontier where north and east of it dwelled my people the barbarians whom the world knew nothing about. The priests of Egypt were keeping written records between 4000 and 3000 BC and while the pharaohs were building the first pyramids after that, my people were creating nothing more distinguished than huge garbage heaps because we existed in an illiterate stone age. In 300 BC we had no records of business, government, tradition metals to make tools, industries, and no ships to carry on commerce. We lived in huts while the black Egyptians lived in palaces. In fact the movie would depict that there was no civilization in my country until 1000 BC and everything the Indo Europeans learned they stole from the black Dravidians in India and it was not until 700 BC that we were even thought capable of being civil because my history didn’t begin until the Trojan war where I tyrannically plundered my way into Asia Minor near the Aegean. Would I be enthusiastic watching myself as a Dorian, an ignorant, savage, animalistic natured, dim witted and remedial people entering the Mycenaean kingdom in 1250 speaking a fractious and incomprehensible Aryan tongue to wreak havoc on moral people? How would I feel watching a theatrical documentation of my ancestors the Greek Dorians being the only people in history without a god, a religion, a sacred book, and a moral conscience? Better yet, what if I was depicted to the world finally coming out of the Dark Ages and rudimentarily into the Bronze Age as an imbecile that had to be educated and civilized by the Moors in 711 because my level of stupidity and unintelligence rivaled that of a single celled amoeba. How would I feel indulging a depiction of myself given the Hebrew Alphabet from Phoenicians in Tyre because I had no language and then being called the “Ereb” by them meaning dim witted and ignorant, which translated into the word Europe, or European? Maybe I would prefer watching a film about me being an undesirable indentured servant ousted from the social garbage disposal of Brittan sent to America to get exploited and embezzled by my own people only to arrive with such a deprivation in survival skills that I resort to cannibalizing the dead to survive in Jamestown. Even though these things are historically true, were I an educated Caucasian with a historical aptitude and nationalistic dignity, I would be disgusted by such a debasing and dehumanizing portrayal of me and my people, I would be incensed at the gumption of Hollywood to capitalize off of projecting the worst of me to the world, and I would be enraged at the hate filled movie goers whose sole intention was to see my mental grovel in lights so they could laugh at my destitution. Contrary to the opinion of those who would relish seeing my intellect encased in a less threatening complexion, I am not an educated Caucasian, I am an educated African American who was taken to see the recalcitrant and morally sadistic movie The Help and was infuriated by its overtly racist agenda. Some red neck bigot who enjoys laughing at the disadvantaged peril of the oppressed decided to make a movie to remind the world that black people were stupid enough to let smaller brained, morally defunct whites vitiate their character by morphing slavery into equally degrading housekeeping. First of all, if you want to make a movie about the black experience in America, you should probably let black people tell it, and secondly, what other objective could you have by berating us through our predicament other than to arouse amusement at the preposterousness of our systemized uneducation and naivety? The mammy was an extension of the slave master’s house whore, minus the sexual feloniousness. Once he could no longer rape slave women after emancipation, he raped free black women of their domestication skills because his white wife was still unevolved and lacked the ability to nurture that melanin gives black women instinctually. But the mammy is well aware of the atrocities that her zealot boss’s people imposed upon her grandparents, yet she still persist in serving the man with the same psyche that could tie a slave’s limbs to a horse to tear his body asunder in front of his family and lynch, then burn alive a pregnant woman in front of her family riddle her body with bullets, then cut her stomach open so that the fetus would fall to the earth and stomp its head into decimation. Women of other races, put in that same position of servitude would have poisoned the heathen master because he deserved death for the devilment he has committed on her ancestors, or they would have done so out of deducing that people this wicked can’t be trusted. Then again women of other races would have preferred killing themselves before allowing a psychotic pervert to rape them and further emasculate their husbands. The far reaching consequences of this negligence by black women has empowered racists agendas today to the extent that Regis Philbin feels comfortable smacking Nicki Minaj on the ass while she laughs on national television, Justin Bieber feels comfortable enough to tell Nicki Minaj he wants to have sex with her in front of an auditorium full of black men at the Black Entertainment Television awards, George Clooney can say, while at the Oscars that Hattie McDaniel was brilliant as a mammy, and now we have the debauched movie “The Help” whose whole purpose is to glorify white people as saviors to incompetent, hopeless, helpless, disillusioned, beguiled, white Jesus loving niggas. Octavia Spencer was no more than a sambo who kept bugging her eyes out the entirety of the movie, it appears as though she was only cast because she has the innate ability to menstrual about demonstratively. I challenge you to listen to some of the lines in the dialogue and tell me you don’t find them demoralizing. “There’s just something about frying chicken that makes you feel good about life, I just loves me frying some chicken!” “I just love tending to them white babies, they my babies.” Viola Davis looks at them in awe, almost holding them in up in reverence and says, “You is good, you is smart, you is important,” in the most illiterate voice she can conjure. And again, for those of you that would argue that these things really happened, why is it necessary to rehash a story about our darkest hours, not to shed light on the fact that this hatred of us still exist, but to humiliate us to the world, subliminally reminding us that our place is subjugation to white people, and that the advancements we make are from white people’s benevolence? This asserts that just because there are a few abolitionists, we should forget the baleful, villainous nature of white people that put us in that predicament in the first place. W.E.B. Dubois said that the worst thing about the emancipation proclamation was that it corrupted the psyche of black people into thinking that the only way we can attain freedom is to wait on white America to emancipate us, so we lose the ability to liberate ourselves, the movie was a testament to his point. And again, these things really happened, but overwhelmingly it appears that the movie’s agenda was to show that it always takes a good natured white person to do for us what we don’t have the intelligence to do for ourselves. The tag line is “change starts with a whisper” when what they movie is trying to say is “change starts with a white person.” Resoundingly, the movie also had the “Precious” paradigm, they tried their damndest to either cast or manipulate the actors into fat, black, greasy ugly women, some of which probably will never work again, using them only in an attempt to exploit and mortify us. They even went so far as to make the dignifiable and, esteemed Cicely Tyson behave more like a toothless, erstwhile chimpanzee than a depleted servant. One of the production companies in association with the film is called “1492 Pictures” seemingly in honor of the man Christopher Columbus who was the prototype of the American bigot and white supremist who committed genocide on the people of Hispaniola that year using black babies for target practice. You tell me what the agenda of the movie was backed by production companies like this. When Wesley Snipes made “Amun Ra” productions in honor of his Coptic religion America got scared and sentenced him to jail, yet they can create a white supremist production company to make films to exploit black people and they prevail. My girl friend and I were the only black people in the theatre and I cringed indignantly at white people laughing, when they should have been gasping at lines like, “make her go use the nigger toilet…I heard they carry different diseases.” It is my opinion that every black actor in that movie should have boycotted the production of it, because by lending our support, there are surely more films to come that make a mockery of us. The movie grossed 36 million dollars already, don’t give your money to see your people debased, send it to Somalia where 1 million of your people are dying. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts. You may disagree but rest assured, my intelligence is superior.

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2 Responses to The Help

  1. DJ says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this post! As black people when so often forget who we are, the power we hold and the value we bring to the universe! Too often we sell out for five minutes of fame.
    Thank you for your stance on the truth!

  2. Shana says:

    Seems to me you are missing the entire point of the movie. You may find yourself and your intelligence superior but if you had half a brain in your head and a slight sense of the unfortunate events of history you would have seen this movie as a depiction of the cruel and senseless aftermath of slavery. It is in fact a depiction of the history and a fairly true depiction of what went on in Mississippi especially. The movie ended with a triumph for black people and showed fearless women stepping up to gain freedom , change their lives and help their people by sharing their stories. The ending was an important event where black women were praised for their bravery and for moving toward what would be a milestone for black people in Mississippi and the US. It is a story of tounfortunate events that ended in triumph for black people. So your intelligence may be far superior in your eyes.. But in most it seems the entire movie was over your head. You are turning what could be seen as a movie of overcoming odds into a nightmare and act of vengeance. Stop putting so much negative thought towards it and you will see where you missed it altogether.

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