The Real X-Men

Mankind is undoubtedly fascinated with people that are capable of manifesting special abilities, and we as onlookers of their mental projections of phantasm accept their personification of what these special people look like, therefore subconsciously accepting the implication that ordinary people look contrasting. But allow me to articulate histories perspective on the physical countenance of super humans. Although it has been mired against in demoralization and conspired against for extinction, there is a spectacular dynamism that the essence of blackness is capable of manifesting. Being black in itself is miraculous and there is a phenomenal nature inherent within the chemical composition of black people that is akin to godliness in the manner of it being a conductor of divinity and a transmitter of celestial energy. In fact, since blackness is a reflection of the heavenly abode, being black is a reflection of the heavenly abiders, to which fact elucidates that if we are a reflection of divine beings, then we are a reflection of divinity itself. Moreover, the characterization of having super powers is a description miracle performing of which the bible says the act would be done away with at a specific time. Why would the almighty take this ability away from his children? It is because, metaphysically, miracles can only be performed when there is chemical symbiosis throughout the universe, which means that the black cosmos must be excited by God, who used blackness to create all things by way of melanin in black space, and harmonize chemically with the black cosmotic chemical in black people (melanin), in order for Gods dynamic power to miraclize. When the universe’s chemical and metaphysical harmony was interrupted with the introduction of people that lack pigmentation, I believe the Father no longer chose to express his awe through miracles because the world lacked the symbiotic harmony necessary to manifest them naturally. The potential for the performance of miracles is an ability attributed to melanin and it is my belief that it can only be enacted through people that are melanated. Furthermore, the foremost miracle performer in the bible was Jesus the Christ and the miracle of his birth, the Immaculate Conception, is evidence of his mother’s supernatural abilities. The fact that Mary was indisputably heavily melanated is evidenced by her lineage being half Hamitic and half Shemitic. Ham was black and fathered the people of Africa, Israel, which was Canaan, Phoenicia, Turkey, Babylonia, Southern Persia, East Pakistan and a vast portion of India. Shem’s children were all black as well and inhabited Assyria, Elam, the eastern part of Syria as well as parts of the Arabian Peninsula; this conclusively establishes that Mary was completely melanated due to her inheritance of color from both sides of her descent. In addition, affluent amounts of melanin lie in the ectoderm of the womb in people of color and the chemical nature of melanin as a polycyclic biopolymer allows it to conduct various forms of energy. It is my belief that the Almighty channeled his dynamic energy through the universe’s melanin centers and activated the melanin in Mary’s womb to produce a child that was directly begotten my God’s divine hand. Since a byproduct of melanin called melatonin has been shown to influence and stimulate reproductive organs, and melanin has also been shown to allow black people to experience higher energy states and has the ability to organize itself and other chemicals so that it can reproduce itself, it can be said that melanin has the ability to recreate life lending credence to the theory of melanin being the chemical that actuated immaculate conception. George Lucas uses this theory in Star Wars when he asserts that the metachlorians created Anakin Skywalker and endowed him with a high metachlorian count. Jesus must also have been black as Mary’s offspring. The bible extols that on numerous occasions Jesus healed people, expelled demons and even raised the dead with his voice. The Meeting of the Southern Section of the American Laryngological Society, Inc. in Houston Texas January 1972 unveiled that a unique case of extensive melanosis of the laryngeal mucosa was encountered during the study of cancerous and irritated larynges. They discovered pigmented neoplasms in the larynx as well as scattered foci of melanocytes in appreciable numbers of Negro specimen. Another study revealed that pigmentation of the larynx is not very common but it can occur in benign and malignant lesions and can affect any part of of the larynx such that the diffuse melanin pigmentation of the laryngeal mucosa is considered a rare defect. However, it is this mucosa in the larynx that allows speech to take place when air from the lungs passes through the vocal cords making the mucosa that covers them vibrate. It is the regulation of the mucosal wave that is essential to good voice, or, I believe supernatural voice since the aforementioned study dictates that melanin does exist in vocal cord mucous. Therefore, when Jesus performed miracles with the sound of his voice, this melanated man was channeling the melanated matter within and without God through the melanin in the ventricular system of his brain, where the sixth sense lies, to enact the melanin in his vocal cords to actuate supernatural accomplishments. The ventricular system of the brain is called the pineal gland and is where any super human gets their super power from. Science shows us that this is the place where the melanin is produced in the brain and gives the mind the ability to exceed the physical limitations of the body. The pineal gland gets its name from the superhuman Jacob, later called Israel, who enacted its power to defeat and angel. We know that Jacob was heavily melanated (black), because his father was Isaac who was black because his father Abraham was a black Shemite who bore him by an Egyptian woman, hence Isaac bore Jacob by the black Shemite woman Rebekah. Gen 32:22-30 tells us that Jacob was prevailing over an angel and said he wouldn’t let him go until the angel blessed him. The angel said you will be called Israel because you contended with God and man and have prevailed. Jacob called the place “Peniel” because “I have seen God face to face and my soul was delivered.” Peniel was the melanin center in Jacob’s brain that gave him the special power to get the mastery over an angel. Another super man with super human strength was Samson; we know that Samson was black because he was a Danite, meaning he was from the tribe of Israel that hailed from Dan, the fifth son of Jacob. Judges 14:19 says that Jehovah’s spirit became operative upon Samson and that shortly thereafter he was empowered to kill 30 Philistines after their chicanery was revealed through an answered riddle. On the way to Timnah to marry a Philistine woman he tore a lion in two with his bare hands. On another occasion after being bound by ropes and fetters by the Philistines, he tore through them like “linen threads scotched with fire” so that the fetters melted off of his hands. Through his melanated super strength, he used the moist jawbone of a male ass to strike down a thousand men. While at a prostitute’s house in Gaza, surrounded by the Philistines, Samson carried an entire city 37 miles to the top of the mountain in front of Hebron. The bible tells us that Samson derived his power from his hair which is an extrasensory device for mammals. Samson had thick dreadlocks and black thick hair has a different construct than other types of hair because the hair shaft contains the medulla layer which scientist say is functionless. However, the medulla has been discovered to contain a distribution of pigmented melanocytes allowing Samson to compel divine energy from the melanin of the cosmos through the melanin of his hair. Mishriam’s people, the Egyptians believed that the Pineal gland was the source of enlightenment as the sun is the universe’s source of enlightenment. Moreover, it was believed that one could harness the power of the sun through the brain because of the melanin centers in the body having a configuration similar to the melanin centers of the universe. Samson’s name is from a root word meaning “sun” and he was able to process celestial energy through the melanin in his medulla. History shows us that numerous black men had the ability to control bodies of water, Imhotep reversed the current of the Nile, Jesus walked on water and abated a thunderstorm, Moses split the Red Sea, and Elisha parted the Jordan River. Correspondingly, water is polar and can be affected by a very strong magnet, even in the case of water flowing from a faucet, it will bend to attract or repel to a strong enough magnetic force. Water is also affected by static electrical fields, combing your hair in winter and placing the charged comb next to a faucet stream will also affect its trajectory. Submarines use what’s called “caterpillar drive” to accelerate water using magnetic fields and electrical charges, so it is therefore plausible that these forces, if emanated by man could have the same affect on the water molecule. Melanin is the perfect absorber of energy and as substance is conductive and kinetically volatile. Melanin is present in cells as: mitochondria, lysosomes, melanosomes, peroxisomes etc. It has been noted to exist in the nucleus of an atom and the DNA strand and as a neurotransmitter it enables extra sensory perception, it absorbs energy from the sun, artificial light, sound vibrations and can never deny an electrical charge because it posses strong polar compulsion. The alkaloids called B-carbolines that the pineal gland produces through melatonin are responsible for high elation states in black people and studies have shown that when current is delivered to drugs that interact with B-carbolines it produces abnormal anxiety states in people. We know that melanin absorbs, transforms and transfers energy and that the Egyptians constructed pyramids that harnessed enough electromagnetic energy to paranormally preserve the body such that 3000 year old skin cells could be preserved to life. The word pyramid means fire middle and the fire is the cosmic energy it compels at its center. After exposure to pyramid vibrations, some of which scientist call B-fields, individual’s electromagnetic auras were sizably enhanced and more spectral, affirming changes in the mental, physical and emotional states of the persons. To this end, the black human is able to harness electromagnetic, cosmic energy through melanin and channel that energy and current through the B-carbolines in the pineal gland to magnetize or electrically charge bodies of water through hyperactive anxiety states in their elated molecular structure because water has electrical and magnetic properties. Perhaps this is why, when in the bible’s account of Moses performing miracles to prove that he was of god, the Egyptian priests could perform some of the same feats, they were already experts on the manipulation of electromagnetic and cosmic energy through melanin to perform supernatural acts. Resoundingly, every one that performed a miracle in the bible was black because of the genealogy of their decent in those regions coupled with the fact it is scientifically impossible for supernatural powers to be performed by people who lack melanin because it is the elation and anxiety states inherent within melanin’s bi-chemicals having been cosmically or electrically charged that is the ability’s catalyst. So when I watch movies that depict super powered humans as being non melanated, it is as preposterous as aliens being depicted as unevolved babies, imagine how farcical it would be watching the Super 8 alien pillaging the city in a diaper, completely fatuous. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts. You may disagree, but rest assure my intelligence is superior.

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  1. Landon Green says:

    This have been eye opening

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