Tar Babies

First of all, as my first entry in what is to become legacied journaling, allow me to say that I love black people. But something is severely wrong with the ones that are raised in Los Angeles. In my recent move here from the Midwest, it didn’t take me long to observe that their manner of thinking seems to be drastically impeded and skewed to the point that it appears, to the cerebrally sound individual, as derangement and lunacy. It has been my observation that black men raised here exhibit the type of behavior that befits an insane asylum, in their habitual obsession with buffoonery and frivolity. Their jovialness centers, almost exclusively, around juvenile rascality and imbecilic merrymaking. Their awareness seems to be relegated to things that titillate the senses and not the mind, hilarity replaces consciousness, revelry replaces revolution and shiftlessness replaces self efficacy. There appears to be an overt sense of dim wittedness that suspends the progression of intellect because it is deteriorating amidst the pathological desire to binge and entertain. Reading seems to challenge the synaptic wiring of their brains, original thought is virtually nonexistent and philosophical inclinations languish in the addiction of recreation’s romping. I have never seen so many black men in one locality who don’t know, and don’t care to know, who they are ethnically and culturally. The contrast between them and black men that I have observed in the East, South and Midwest was almost instantaneous. The black women in Los Angeles suffer from a psychosis of disillusionment as excessive as I have ever seen. They are under the false impression that acclimating to standards of Euro-centricity makes them more desirable, when in reality it makes them reprehensible. It is my observation that black women here see themselves as amassers of wealth and leisure through sex, villainy and sinister clandestine behavior that predominantly encompasses sex or the advertising of sex. Seduction replaces sophistication, lasciviousness replaces love of self and lewd decadence replaces dignity. In the East, South and Midwest I am accustomed to being around black women who’s culturally extravagance exudes sexiness from their Afro-centricity, women who wear their blackness with a certain level of class, grandeur and artistry, who esteem motherhood and black community galvanizing instead of wallowing in self degradation. It is an anomaly to see black women in Los Angeles with natural hair styles or a character of independence, they unequivocally gravitate to whatever man has the most money, prestige or fame in hopes that they can become his concubinical object. This is voluntary dehumanization. But I have a scientific theory to this madness. Surely you’ve seen those movies where a meteorite strikes earth and its presence causes strange things to happen to the minds and behavior of the people exposed to its energy radiation? Well something very similar has happened to the black populace here in Los Angeles that began some 38,000 years ago. Many meteorite-like rocks began to liquefy into a chemical commonly known as tar and at one time much of the city of Los Angeles were tar pits similar to the ones at La Brea Park. Much of that same tar flows beneath our feet in this city as we speak. Why do I relate the presence of tar with the behavior of black people here, and not all people? This is because every person of African descent possesses the chemical melanin, which not only gives us our color, but also gives us conductivity with other melanated matter in the universe. Thus the melanin in our brains, the melanin in the ground which is oil, the melanin in plant life which is chlorophyll and resin like substances, and the melanin in the cosmos all communicate. Melanin is also contained in bodies of water, vegetation, soil and animals. The creator has seen fit to engineer the interior of most cells with melanin, such as: mitochondria, lysosomes, melanosomes, peroxisomes etc. Melanin is the bodies most complex and perfect life sustaining molecule that is a neurotransmitter, regenerative and protective healer and a natural drug that enables extra sensory perception and uncanny physical and mental abilities in the bodies of pigmented people. Melanin gives black people a higher spiritual receptivity because the pineal gland releases Melatonin that induces visions and feelings of elation and is the chemical that enacts the subconscious mind through dream states. The melanin battery in the black human has the ability to absorb energy from the sun, artificial light, sound vibrations from music etc. and can never deny an electrical charge because it posses strong polar compulsion. The alkaloids called B-carbolines that are pineal gland produces through melatonin is highly hallucinogenic and imparts to us abilities of intuition, sixth and seventh sense, and a psychoactive creativity that is only indigenous to melanated people. The harmful aspect about melanin is that it has the ability to combine with or mimic harmful drugs or toxins that come in contact with the body, creating hybrid versions of itself that that cause the body to react inordinately because of the unnatural reactions. This is what is happening to in the minds of black people in Los Angeles. You see, tar pits are composed of oil fractions called asphalt that seep up from the ground as oil, and the melanin in tar oil and the melanin oil in the black brain naturally communicate. Tar was considered by alchemist as a connection to the elixir of life because in Finland it was reputed to heal anything which implies that the metaphysical properties of the oil, which has melanin inside of it, make it induce certain energy states in the melanated oil filled minds of black people. Asphalt is also called bitumen and it has been observed that there are structural similarities between bitumens and the organic matter in meteorites. It has been stated by scientist that some bitumens are primordial material that was formed during the founding of the earth and reworked by bacteria that consume hydrocarbons in tar. What I am proposing is that since the city is flowing with an undercurrent of oil called tar, and this tar is a melanin substance that is communicable with the other melanin substance in nature, including that within the brains of black people here, is that it is having an effect on the way they think. The meteorite like substance of tar is sending metaphysical wavelengths to the melanin center in their brains that is causing them to behave ecstatically, and bizarrely, because their brains have created unnatural hybrid melanin compounds in reaction to it, and these are malfunctioning. The melanin in tar is producing abnormal chemicals, and prolonged exposure to tar melanin is communicating to the melanin in their brains to become an aberration. And this strange compound, accompanied by the metaphysical metamorphosis that it is occurring to the brain’s melanin because of the viscosity change from tar melanin over exposure is causing them to behave awkwardly. It’s like the movie “The Crazies,” inexplicable things are happening to the minds of people because of supernatural phenomena. If you don’t believe that melanated matter communicates, consider how the melanin contained moon communicates with the melanin contained ocean and oil beneath the ocean to make the tides rise and fall. Although I have made some scathing remarks about black people from Los Angeles, I am only speaking of those who fit the description. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts. You may disagree, but rest assure, my intelligence is superior.

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