Someone told us it would be fashionable to make play houses out of playing cards and we proceeded to build mansions out of miniature card stock. For the gratification of an accomplished gaze and the adulation of easily impressed onlookers who, with one misstep or haphazard movement could cause a gust of wind that would send the house plummeting to its destruction, we labored for approval. Those who beckoned to touch our creation got revoked for fear that the invention was too delicate to be handled by one who was not akin to its architecture, so we kept what was ours in solitude choosing isolation over injurious handling.

    The holocaust of slavery is too delicate a subject to be mishandled by those who are not akin to its architecture because an injurious touch, or irresponsible mishandling of it by those who can’t directly identify with its systemization could cause destructive ramifications to the socio political context in which it should be viewed. This skewed viewpoint would cause onlookers who are easily impressed by mishandling and misinterpretation to undo the construction of the humane perception of slavery, that it is diabolical and denigrating, causing them to view it lightly. Someone or something told Quentin Tarantino that it would be fashionable to wrap his socially irresponsible cinematic hands around the delicate card house of slavery and he destroyed the sensitivity surrounding the tragedy.

    Shock factor cinema should never be employed when attempting to depict a time period that was inherently gruesome and grotesque in the nature of it being a dehumanizing system. By further agitating the wounds of slavery that have already been agitated by the insidiousness of the slavers, you end up offending the oppressed by directing with gasoline when you should be directing to extinguish inflammatory innuendoes and stereotypes ignited by emblazoned bigots. He depicted the supreme bigot, played by Leonardo Dicaprio’s character, as an intellectual and sadistic overseer who in good conscience incited a slave to be savagely torn asunder by maniacal dogs, and obsessed perniciously over watching two Mandingos beat each other barbarically, gouging eyes and cannibalizing flesh for the sole purpose of his twisted entertainment.

If a film were made about the Sandy Hook massacre that was excessively graphic, showing bullets riddling the defenseless bodies of innocent children, showing limbs getting mutilated and faces getting marred beyond recognition from bullet fragmentation, America would be in an uproar. Moreover, what if the Sandy Hook movie employed comedy where compassion should be and riveted laughter through the rhetoric that should rivet empathy? What if the killer referred to murdered children as scum, routinely said they were sitting ducks and called the premeditated killing target practice? What if the Americans that enjoyed the film contended that the excessive torment was excusable because the film maker was trying to capture what actually happened during the massacre? Human rights groups, children’s rights groups and the government would assert that no filmmaker has the right to exploit dead children of a catastrophic mass murder. It would be considered inhumane, distasteful, disrespectful to the families of the deceased, and a blasphemous gesture.

However, that is exactly what is being said in defense of Tarantino’s audacity to depict slavery with the same exploitive graphic grotesqueness. We would call a filmmaker insensitive to the sanctity of massacred children’s memories, demented callous, and un-American, but we call the film maker who blasphemed slaver courageous, groundbreaking and thought provoking. What gives any human being the right to be so irresponsible with the tactless depiction of another race’s atrocity? Quintin Tarantino took the card house that is the sanctity of murdered slave’s memories, which belong to their descendants, and mishandled it causing it to crumble turning the sacrament, which is our ancestor’s sacrifice, into a demolition grounds. Undoing the image of slavery to those that residually belong to it is as criminal as undoing the image of god to those that worship him.
A message from the author, not Kinshasa.

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The Most Influential Man in History

At the center of the galaxy is a black hole that is thought to have enough gravitational pull to orchestrate all celestial bodies in the position that gives these nuclear phenomena balance. Dark clouds in the Milky Way galaxy are said to be asserting a residual force on the planet earth and the sun to align them with the galactic black center which is to have catastrophic effects on the earth’s habitability. Sometimes nature uses blackness to compel things in a manner to energize a chain reaction of events that have astronomical ramifications on our existence. The black man, Jack Johnson, born of slave parents in Galveston Texas in 1878 was a vehicle empowering supernatural happenings amidst humanity, a conduit that compelled a series of events to circulate his impression, his contribution and his actuality. The Black Reconstruction Period in which the government supposedly intervened to assist African Americans freed from slavery to acclimate collapsed in 1877. It failed African Americans by teething on the same racism that emancipation weaned it from. The Freedman’s Bureau establishers saw to it that the banks they dictated would give blacks forty acres and a mule reneged, so that economic slavery could behead the distended neck of the hanging pocket that was castrated worse than the male anatomy. Americas biggest fear in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was that the advancing ex slave would reconfigure his testicular orientation and use it to vandalize the white woman’s vaginal Elysium bringing perdition to her purity and chastity. Perhaps while breeding slaves on the plantation, the white woman fancied the anatomical grandiosity of the abnormally endowed black male causing the white man to become obsessed with alleviating his genetic competition. This seemed to be an international obsession because between 1880 and 1914 the Germans created “Scientific Racialism” to dispossess the genetically heightened black male, crafted from America’s own greed and exploitation, of his superiority. Johann Blumenbach and his anthropological and philosophical cronies wrote dissertations and conjectures falsifying science to try to prove that the black male came from primates and is intellectually and genetically inferior. Interestingly at the helm of the American fear and the German fear was the Goliath like, muscularly immaculate Jack Johnson who was hitting white men so hard that their teeth embedded his glove and white women so hard that their modesty meted immorality in clubs reserved for licentious white males. Leading up to World War 1 America was so preoccupied with their repulsion of Jack Johnson, who was heavy weight champion at the time, that they would depict him as an animalistic sex driven gorilla who embodied the savagery and deplorability of a damning scourge. The southern born Woodrow Wilson, who was akin to the fear of black men copulating with white women, became President in 1916 and legalized Jim Crow in reaction to Jack Johnson’s illicit sexual escapades with the untainted “Florentine Maiden.” He segregated federal work places so that black men and white women could have no association and feloniously made separate but equal school divisions. He enacted laws that disenfranchised the black male and prevented him from voting by mandating competency tests to the black uneducated. Wilson watched Jack Johnson, the most prominent black man in the world, beat the great white hope Jim Jefferies in 1910, with his white woman ring side, smiling dazzlingly at his white crucifiers. To keep the black heathen from vandalizing the white woman, Woodrow Wilson sought to keep the Jack Johnson, Nephilim-like specimen from even getting close to the white woman. Capitalizing on this fear, when he decided to war with Germany in WWI there was an advertisement propagandized that depicted a giant black gorilla holding a half naked white woman, reading, “Stop this mad Brute, Americans enlist.” It was clearly the envisioning of the biggest blackest brutal man in the country, Jack Johnson, ensnaring an innocent white woman. Since Jack Johnson had given America this fear, white men likened his sexual brutality to the German’s military brutality and desired to protect the white woman, who amid Johnson’s mishandling symbolized America’s liberty. Having influenced the American temperament of WWI, he influenced the German temperament leading up to it. Germany was well aware of Jack Johnson in the late 1800s early 1900s because the bulk of Europe was, he was the most popular black man in the world, decimating “Great White Hypes” garnered the attention of the white supremist world who referred to him as coon, nigger, monkey, animal, savage, and depicted him as such. While Johann Blumenbach and his cohorts would assert and try to prove that blacks were inferior to whites having descended from primates, thereby having less intellectual faculties than whites, it is possible that at a time when the entire white supremist world was calling Jack Johnson a primate, he was the focus of their analysis. The German study of Eugenics, which is the manipulation of the composition of the human population, was introduced by Francis Galton in 1883 with the aim of ridding society of undesirable through extermination through ethnocide. This led to the ethnic cleansing of the Jews and the science to carry this out biologically and genetically was given to the United States in the early 1900s when the primary target of racist white America was the aberrant Jack Johnson. America joined WWI to alley with Britain against Germany in 1916 and since it is common that the victor pilfer technology as spoil from the defeated, America got the science of sterilization of the unfit from Germany. The Race Betterment Foundation called for keeping people with poor traits in their heritage separate from the master race. President Calvin Coolidge, who took office after Johnson said he threw the fight with Jess Welsh, but was still a household name, said that “Americans should be kept Americans, biological laws show that Nordics deteriorate when mixed with other races.” Franklin D Roosevelt was also in favor of Eugenics at a time when the white supremist world scoffed at Jack Johnson. Could it be that the black man the white world feared, because he was black, monstrously virile and copulated with white women, influenced the country to go to war with Germany in WWI for economic reasons as a cover up to learn or steal the science of Eugenics to stop, the Ethiopian, as they called him from defiling their race? Because of Jack Johnson, America hated black male copulation with white women so much that they titled it “Miscegenation” and made it illegal. Miscegenation was the impetus to the most racist film ever produced, “Birth of a Nation,” which painted the Ku Klux Klan as heroes ridding the country of black males, played by whites in black face, who only want to sexually defile the white woman. It was the first film ever shown in the White House in 1913 and President Wilson said it was like “writing history with lightning,” calling the pontificated premise true to American events. If you add Johnson being the symbol for the WWI propaganda poster, the possibility of Johnson like genetic extermination being the reason for US involvement in WWI, Scientific Racialism and Eugenics targeting Johnson as their prototype for black hate, seeing him as an inferior primate, Johnson being the reason for Miscegenation and Birth of a Nation, you get the creation of King Kong in 1933. Merian C Cooper conceived the idea after fighting in WWI and become a hostage of German soldiers. It is my belief that while he was hostage, he learned to look at the African American as did the Germans, from the point of view of Jack Johnson being genetically analogous to the gorilla and having an inordinate sexual appetite for the white woman that needed to be abated. In 1903 When Jack Johnson won his first title fight, the Niagara Movement was created by W.E.B Dubois and William Monroe Trotter in 1904 which would evolve into the NAACP. In 1908 Jack Johnson defeated Tommy Burns in Australia to become the first black heavy weight champion of the world. In the same year race riots escalated in Springfield Illinois that undoubtedly were accelerated by the insurrection of black supremacy perpetuated by Johnson demolishing the white Burns. A year later the NAACP was formed in reaction to the race riots and in 1910 W.E.B Dubois created the official journal of the NAACP called the Crisis. Johnson’s serendipitous connection to Dubois began in 1897 when Johnson won his first professional fight against Charley Brooks and in the same year Dubois started the Black Intelligentsia with Alexander Crumwell to impart black advancement through astute black leadership. In 1903 when Dubois published his Talented Tenth beliefs espousing that the more clever African Americans should lead the rest, Johnson became the colored heavy weight champion of the world in 1903 where the referee told Johnson, “You’re a clever nigger.” In 1920 Jack Johnson opened a 400 seat club in Harlem called Club De Luxe and in 1923 sold it to the white gangster Owney Madden locked up in Sing Sing who renamed it the Cotton Club -enter the Harlem Renaissance. Although it was a whites only club, the Cotton Club launched the careers of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Billy Holliday, Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Calloway, Fatz Waller, Lois Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Nat King Cole and the Nicholas Brothers. The oil boom of 1910 was representative of the oil in black humans, that is melanin, which was booming in the chemistry and physiology of the black man Jack Johnson who gave the world black supremacy that same year. In 1920 the oil business produced several black multi millionaires in Tulsa Oklahoma which came to be called Black Wall Street where African Americans owned and patronized their own fiscal community. The Klan associated black wealth and prominence with Jack Johnson’s exploitation of white women and flagrant monetary braggadocio. The worst race riot in history ensued and the government burned it to the ground. Indeed, nature uses blackness to compel things in a manner to energize a chain reaction of events that have astronomical ramifications on our existence. The universe saw to it that Jack Johnson would be the Galactic Center, the black hole that would compel world events to reveal the hideousness of its black hate while simultaneously igniting the beginning of Black Supremacy that would forever alter the temperament of white prejudice and black pride. Wars were fought, ethnocide was enhanced through Eugenics, laws were enacted, lynching reached its apex, race movies were made and Johnson’s movies beating white opponents were banned. Because of Jack Johnson, Woodrow Wilson became commissioner of baseball and kept it segregated until Jackie Robinson, Johann Blumenbach invented the categorization of race and started Scientific Racialism, King Kong was mirrored after Jack Johnson, and the NAACP was formed because of riots fought in reaction to Johnson’s black dominance overthrowing the philosophy of white supremacy. He gave us the nucleus for the Harlem Renaissance and gave us the impetus for Black Wall Street and white supremacy the rationale to destroy it. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.



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The Master

When life forms are born devoid of the perfection that their former prototypes were endowed with, they instinctually travel in search of that which will grant them higher being or lengthened existence. Europeans left their dwelling in the forests of England and Iberia and traveled to India in search of the Sanskrit which they augmented into their own apocryphal work claiming the wisdom and intellectualism as their own, stealing symbols and insignias along the way such as the swastika. 1600 BC was a time when people believed in the magic of holy words and the early European saw themselves as descendants of the Semite people that the Egyptians used to hold as slaves, but couldn’t call themselves by the Semitic name because that would partly identify them as descendants of the Egyptians. They understood that the races of people born devoid of color were less encompassing of the divinity god harnessed through the black substance inherent within the black complexion and they coveted the magical chants, that would impart them everlasting life, or higher favorability from the almighty. By reciting the book that the colored world used to impact it’s super nature they could amend what genetics rendered deficient. When they left India in 1600 BC calling themselves Aryans claiming to be the superior race because they pilfered the primordial race’s magical texts, they discovered that a more potent magic was brewing in Egypt. In the very year of their exodus, the instructions for souls leaving earth to find their state of perfect in the afterlife was being compiled. It was called “The Book of Coming Forth by Day”, or “The Egyptian Book of the Dead” because it guided the soul from the earthly plane to the supernatural realm through a series of incantations or chants that would cause it to go forth by the day’s illumination to the place where the deceased reach Osiris to become synonymously powerful gods. The book is a compilation of prayers, chants and mystical esoteric send offs that priest would utter over the deceased’s body, were inscribed in the tombs of the mortuary processions and were intended for the beyond bound soul to utter before the god Osiris who would measure ones supernatural eligibility by his utterances. In Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master”, he introduces the world to the European mystic, implying that there exists Europeans who are as possessed by celestial mysticism as the aboriginal people who were created by it and share symbiotic oneness with it. Lancaster Dodd is inferred to be an esoteric thinker empowered with supernatural understandings of universal order who extends his philosophies to his naïve, identity crises stricken, impressionable adherents who behold him as a seer or and oracle. In order to understand the flaw in this interpretation we must understand the rules of history. The Mystery School’s of Egypt are as old as Egypt itself and taught the sacred science, called the Summon Bonum which conveyed practicing the elevation that would illuminate one to become their perfect astral self. Some of the greatest teachers were said to have studied in the Mystery Schools of Egypt where they were given astral names in their becoming illuminated mystics. It is said that Krishna, the god of the Hindus, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus and even Socrates were students of the highest order of intellectualism in existence. Socrates was the only non melenated person allowed in the Mystery School because the Egyptian priest favored his philosophical prowess, but told Europeans as a whole that they were too infant a race to harness the wisdom and science excavated by the minds who were nurtured by the very quintessence of the visceral path. Buddha was a Negro with wholly hair and peppercorn locks whose name was Sut-Nahsi before he became enlightened by the Mystery School sciences. The Apollo theater in Harlem is named after a the Greek god Apollo who was a Black god with wholly hair and peppercorn locks who was said to be illuminated by the wisdom of the Egyptian Mystery Schools and the god Krishna, also a negro, was given his name meaning “god of the perfect black.” When the first Europeans were traveling to Egypt to be illuminated, Thales in 670, and Pythagoras in 570, it was around the time when the book that could turn man from flesh to eternal spirit was finishing being compiled. In other words, the book that could lead one to their state of perfect was accessible and the Europeans who called themselves Greeks wanted to be made perfect. Interestingly, the Mystery School’s taught that the state of perfection was found in the pineal gland in the brain’s ventricular system where melanin circulates and can be actuated to give one the sixth sense to perform all manner of miraculous feats. Jacob quarreled with an angel for up to twelve hours and defeated it through the power of the Ureaus, the place in the mind where melanin makes one superhuman. If Krishna was called “god of the perfect black,” by people who were vastly more intelligent than we through their ability to unlock portions of their brain that were dormant to us just as Jacob could, then they must have believed that perfection lies in the ability inherent within blackness. The first mystics were Egyptian priests circa 6000 BC who taught their students how to astro travel to discover their astral selves, believing that the “Ka” or the spirit has a celestial duplicate in the cosmos that the individual is destined to fuse with once initiated by true understanding. In the movie “The Master”, Landcaster Dodd teaches his pupils to astro travel to places in their mind where memories contain the aura of their astral alter selves, and he calls tapping into this going back to the state of perfect. But if we apply the rules of history, the state of perfect is the place where blackness is the connectivity to universality and eternity, therefore, a non melanted person would lack the chemical necessary for him to find this perfection, and hence, he invents faith in hopes that he can somehow attain that measure of godliness without the endowment of melanin. Truly enlightened people don’t believe the hogwash of a white mystic teaching his pupils the ancient sciences because the true “Maters” were people of color who became gods taught by priests mentored by gods called Neter. The only European to be taught the Summon Bonum was perceivably the only student not to attain godship because he lacked the essential transformative chemical. Today the Hellenistic teachings of the western world are preventing the children of melanated gods to reach their godship and we find ourselves looking to the tenants of Eurocentricity as our master. Pick up the petals to your mind’s fallen blossom. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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Why Black Women choose Religion

In the bellows of the slave ship in the horrors of the Middle Passage, black souls were fashioned to be out of body. The stench of decaying flesh, the shrill of physical anguish and the feel of blood dung and mucous on the lips from being chained between the crouch of the next shackled immobilized captive transformed the beyond into the soul and the present into temporal deletion. Perhaps by design the African women on the slave ship were not shackled on their deck, presumably because mutiny was more aptly envisioned to be carried out by men, of which one was said to be as strong as four Indians upon arrival to the colonies. The sinister proclivities of the European slave trader made a twinge of conscience unrecognizable as many admitted that they saw no evil in enslaving Africans on ships like sardines because they never saw them as humans. Therefore, what would the insidiously perverse mind of the European tyrant conceive when he realized he had hordes of black women held captive under the fear of his ominous control? It would conceive the same mendacity that it would come to conceive on the plantation, that rape and sexual molestation and exploitation was not criminal, it was Darwinian; the spoils of the survival of the fittest. Male slaves were screaming in agony constantly because their minds were maddening expediently, their limbs were disfigured to pack them in the deck that was so compact that it didn’t allow for them to sit erect. The slaves that contracted European disease and were considered contagious to the cargo were chained to a pole in the basement of the deck where, by some accounts, their skin and flesh was almost rubbed off completely by the violent and incessant rocking their bare bodies were subjected to on the splinted wood floor. These solitary screams rivaled those on the deck. An African European named Eloudah Equiano was a crewman on a ship named the Zong in 1781 and witnessed screams of 132 slaves, considered to be a food supply risk, thrown over the deck to be torn asunder by sharks. In his memoirs he was adamant in believing that the Europeans were cannibalizing the Africans who screamed while chained together in procession around a boiling cauldron where he fainted at the belief of his people being cooked. There was so much screaming echoing throughout the ship perpetually that the screams of the female slaves being sexually emaciated by their slaver would be nothing alarming, it would simply blend in with the cacophonous melody of torment that must have sounded like a conchanto of demonic exorcism. In the wake of this event, two things happened to the psyche of the African, soon to evolve into the African American woman, it duplicitously told her that she was slightly above the damnation of her slave male counterpart who was shackled with dead bodies, and that being above the lowest of degradations only made her vulnerable to the vilest of degradations, rape and sexual exploitation. Moreover, this reasoning made her more dependent on religious spirituality since she felt more favored by god by not being shackled, but more damned by the devil who vandalized her genatalia unrequitedly. So when we read the Washington Post’s new statistic that African American women are the most religious sector of people in the country, we are articulating the underpinnings of their psychological self preservation form slavery. When they were sold on the auction blocks they were once again molested when they were inspected to see if their womb and vaginal canal was suitable for extensive child bearing. A woman or girl that was not previously violated would be presumed to be reproductively fit. Yet, since our foremother’s vaginas were handled like purchased groceries being bagged in express isles, evaluation was necessary to see if only minimal damage was done so that the auction price for damaged goods would be profitable. Once on the plantation, these slave women were often pregnant at the same time the slave owner’s mistress was pregnant and if the white woman was unwilling to nurse, the slave woman nursed the slave master’s child as well. Compromisingly, she felt another component within her was enslaved, her motherhood. As the white child drew similac from her mammary gland the slave mother was tortured by the fact that she was making strong, in essence nurturing the virulence, of the very person who next owned her. The child also owned her undocumented husband and her suckling child that knew nothing of bondage or captivity, just that the nipple he sucked was prematurely taut and ill fitted for the posturing of his mouth because master’s son was the primary breast mouther. She was afflicted with the knowledge that the white child could grow to separate the slave mother and the child, sell them apart from one another, and dehumanize them with the whip and the penis while profiting from the demoralizing. To raise both slave master and slave with the same breast milk was a dichotomous torture on the psyche of the African American slave woman because the slave child harbored her blood. In the wild when humans raise ravenous, carnivorous animals, set them free in the jungle and revisit on an expedition, it has been documented that the beastly predator would recognize the parental human figures and implore them not with savagery, but with affection. This is completely atypical of the animalistic instinct. However, in the wild of the plantation, the white child who would eventually become the ravenous, animalistic slave master that was once nurtured by the black slave woman would know his motherly figure well in adulthood, but lacked the decency of a barbaric animal and instead of affectionate entreaties, he would work all manner of devilment on her and her children who were nursed from the same bosom as he. This pain mad the African American slave woman dependent upon the belief in realities unbeheld, that godly deliverance through insurgent beseechment was the only rapture from her horror. It was easier for the male slave to resent the ideal of god all together because the emancipation seeking male slave became the run-away, thus having to cultivate a fleeing mentality which is one of self reliance, not godly reliance. The paradigm is didactic, male slaves who prodigiously and routinely ran away, did so leaning upon their own understanding as it were, whereas the female slave who had to stay and nurse both protagonist and villain was forced to stay and wait on god to deliver her which made her more spiritually reliant. A confession of a slave named Cyrus from South Carolina echoed the male slave psyche. He lamented “If I lived so, I should never see the face of god in glory…I did not think of Adam and Eve as sin, but I was sin. I felt my own plague…I felt myself at the disposal of sovereign mercy.” Contrasting this with the slave mother of her own child and the future slave master we find sentiments such as this from Harriet Jacobs in her 19th century slave narrative. “I loved to watch his infant slumbers, but I could never forget that he was a slave. Sometimes I wished that he might die in infancy. God tried me, my darling became very ill. I had prayed for his death but never now so earnestly as I prayed for his life…What mockery it is for a slave mother to try to pray back her dying child to life!” Black women grew more dependent on god to take the life of their children who they preferred see the face of god in the afterlife, than to see the face of the despot in the moratorium of the cotton field. Slave women were more attached to god because their conscience made them stay by the side of their children, praying for their survival, instead of fleeing for their freedom and leaving the children behind like male slaves often did. And when slave women would run away, they took their children with them and while hiding in the swamp it was customary for black women to pray to god while drowning their crying children who were threatening to bring notice to their hiding. The Hadenic anguish the African American woman felt through the trifles of slavery that wrought demise on them and their children made them ardent god petitioning women, this psyche has been passed down through the generations to enact the religiosity of African American women today who are slaves to the oppression of the black male who inherited the fleeing mentality of their forefathers. They are slaves to the misogyny of black men who view them as the same inanimate sex object as the slave trader viewed them and instead of wanting their sons to die to keep them from being slaves, they prefer the volition of their manhood to die to keep them from being like their fathers. Who else can black women call upon but god when they find themselves being sold on the auction block of misassociation, misassociated from society, their men and from the ugliness of their own history? My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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Between Prometheus and Ice Age, the Misappropriation of the Negro

The argument of humanity either being created or having evolved from other species, lives somewhere in the confusion of belief versus theory. The argument of black humanity being the aboriginal species that bore progeny to the globe coexists with the hatred the non black species has for their predecessors, one may call them their genetic engineers. The antiquity of both of these arguments are passages in the Quran and documents inscribed about Egyptian Mythology that are relevant to the present predicament of humanity because its origin, both physiologically and phenotypically, is indicative to its transformation. The Quran tells us that God made man from molded mud or clay and gave him the quintessence of fluid to create life through conception and gestation. Egyptian Mythology tells us that the god Atum is the creator god and created himself from the chaotic waters of Nun and placed himself on a mound on earth. A mound is usually connoted as a pact of mud and clay, hence he is both the creator god and simultaneously the embodiment of the first earthling brought from clay. He created the god of air, Shu and the goddess of moisture, Tefnut who in their curiosity delved into the waters of Nun and disappeared. Atum sent a fiery messenger to retrieve them and the tears he shed upon their return begat the first human beings. Atum was associated with the evening sun whereas Ra, the god of all gods, was associated with the morning sun. These gods and their relationship is pilfered and augmented in the Greek Mythological texts to infer that Zeus is the omnipotent sun god Ra and that his counterpart Atum is transfigured into Prometheus. The Greek god Prometheus is said to be the creator of man from molded clay and the harbinger of fire that he stole from Zeus to give to his human creations. In the Egyptian tradition we find that Atum and Ra combined to become Atum-Ra. The Greeks decided that to adapt Ra into Zeus, they would convert Ra’s power of the sun into a similar celestial cosmic charge, the power of lighting. When lightning strikes the earth fire ignites thus, Zeus has control of lighting and fire by virtue of the physics reaction, but the Egyptian narrative indicates that Atum had access to Ra’s fire because they became the same being. In the Greek cognition and transmutation of a black Neter into a white deity, the gods are depicted as being physically virile as an inept compensation for the strength of cosmic energy that was the true source of the Egyptian god’s prowess. The barbarian mind replaces magic with brawn and because of Prometheus’s treachery he is chained and bound to be eaten at by a hawk sent by Zeus. This is a remedial way of coalescing the two gods by asserting that a hawk consuming Prometheus’s flesh constitutes physical coexistence, being that Ra’s symbol is the hawk and he metaphysically fused with Atum. One variation of the word Prometheus is said to have derived from the Proto Indo European Vedic words, “pro math” meaning to steal. In essence, the name of the god the Greeks transmutated Atum into signifies the theft of the identity of the greater aboriginal Egyptian god. History tells us that the intellectual miracle of Egypt existed thousands of years before anyone knew there was a Europe. When Kufu and Kafre were basking in the adulation of constructing the pyramids of Giza, the Europeans who were soon to invade India to steal everything scientifically and religiously sacred were barbarian savages who scraped a living from the demure sustenance the frigid plains offered their small hunter gatherer numbers in 2000 BC. Uncultivated and uncivilized they raided India leaving in 1600 BC calling themselves Indo Europeans having converted the Sanskrit into the Vedic Sanskrit, or the plagiarized Indo European language, which is where root of the word Prometheus comes from. Indo Europeans came to call themselves Aryans and believed themselves to be the superior race; hence the philosophy of white supremacy was born through the theft of black Indian Dravidian traditions. Interestingly, the movie Prometheus describes the engineers on the foreign planet to be the creators of humanity and in the scene where one of the engineers looks at a hologram of the globe he is looking at the continent of Africa as if to suggest that it is they who created black Adam and Eve in the motherland. The engineers were depicted as inordinately virile like the Greek gods, muscles bulging in proportions that made them look like pale white hulks. The paler the better for the Hollywood hoax to dupe the uneducated black viewers who are stimulants of cinematic pontification. The inference was that these muscle bound pale forefathers of humanity symbolized the Indo Europeans because the droid played by Michael Fassbender spoke to them in, what was said in the movie to be, an ancient Indo European language. To imply that genetically advanced Indo European pre humans (the movie elucidated that their DNA was a replica of human DNA) created Africans thus all of humanity, is to steal from the Quran and the Egyptian Myths of Atum and Ra to contrive a fictitious story that white people were the first on the planet. This debunks the foundation of their inferiority; the inescapable truth that white people are the last human species on the evolutionary chain that began with black humans. Allow me to enlighten you, the movie Prometheus is about Indo European white gods who resided on a planet that was constantly evolving and through the presence of new humans, the evolution morphed into a species that fused with a white god to create an alien that was merely a symbol for a black uncultivated monstrosity. The movie stealthily implies that white primordial man fused with evolution creates a black uncivilized creature. The contrast in color of pale white to jet black enhances the revelation. Indo Europeans originally came from the Eurasian Plains which is where the most intensive study of the last glacial period of the ice age is being conducted. Scientists say that the last ice age is still ongoing because glacial phases, the cooler byproduct of the ice age, still persists. Interestingly, the movie Ice Age is about the arctic life that coexisted some ten thousand years ago and has a host of black voices playing the animal life. The standout voices are the black voices: Drake, Kiki Palmer, Queen Latifah, Nicki Minaj, and Wanda Sykes. The last glaciation is historically indicative of the Paleolithic era which is the choicest for Eurasian people’s cultivation. What better way to clandestinely change the inconvenient truth of history into the livable substitute that white people were the first humans as the god like humanoids in Prometheus and that the cartoonish black people on ice plains representing a glacial Northern Eurasia were the uncivilized hunter gatherer, savage scavengers in the movie Ice Age. Hollywood is flipping the script of history to make white people look superior while black people embody the worst history has to offer of white people. I am not fooled. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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The Marley Threat

Men who claim to meet aliens never return to their ordinate sense of mortality, their feet become an abducted gaze and their soul seems transfixed on the wonderment and fear of acquainting the beyond in the efficacious limbo of their cognition’s new awe. Men who meet god or simply know god share the same abducted mesmoriazation, having alienated themselves from the sensibilities of mortality they become the understanding they deduce through the clairvoyance of their faith. Bob Marley looked as if he god had given him his manifesto on liberation and gave him 14 years to free the world of its diabolicalness. His gospel was his insistence that god is black, the devil is provoked, emancipation is majestic, Ethiopia is heaven and hell is disbelief. The man who was born by a father of Liverpool and British descent, whose lineage would indicate that he would harbor an innate abhorrence for colored people’s freedom, bore a son that was more aptly bore by Immaculate Conception. God transformed his voice into a fetus that would evolve Bob and used his son’s proselytizing to give the world salvation’s cliff notes. In the song “Selassie is the Chapel”, Bob says that Selassie is the only living god and king of kings, because the Rasta believe that the prophecy Garvey gave in 1929 of a messiah coming to claim his kingdom had fulfillment in Halie Selassie being crowned Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930. He is the 125 descendant of King Solomon and the grand nephew of Menalik II who won the battle for Ethiopia’s sovereignty by defeating Italy in the Battle of Adwa in 1896 during the first Italio-Ethiopian war. In the noble lineage of this, arguably most powerful black man in history, Tafari (the suffix to Rastafari meaning head leader) Makonnen took the name Halie Selassie, meaning “power of the trinity” when he was baptized into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and as emperor of Ethiopia and he followed in the glorious footsteps of his predecessors as his intrinsic son’s voice would become enriched by his father’s confrontational, philosophical and Afrocentric conquest. Mussolini of Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935 and Selassie sought political asylum in Britain for five years and returned having ousted Italy, the colonial oppressor from the land Eden was once proximate to. Inconspicuous to most, Marley even changed his name in 1980 before his death to Berhane Selassie meaning “light of the trinity” upon his baptism into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to honor the god of his exhultation. In 1935 Selassie gave an address before the delegates of the League of Nations petitioning their higher conscience in the wake of colonialist prejudice that threatened to decimate his country. He gave the famous speech that is word for word the lyrics of Bob Marley’s “War”, but he also spoke alluringly about the course of non violence not seeking retribution on the oppressor and not becoming embittered by the repugnance of racisms henchmen. He challenged the League to advocate the cause of Kennedy and applauded him for his opposition to prejudice sympathizing with his African brethren in America when he spoke reiterate at the conference for the United Nations years later. In 1955 the Bandung Conference was held in Indonesia symbolizing colored people across the world uniting for the cause of undermining white oppression. No European nations were invited to the conference, but 29 different nations of color convened to talk about liberating Africa from colonialism and protecting smaller Asian countries from the Communist oppression of the cold war and the Capitalistic oppression of the Korean War. These colored nation’s representatives, including Selassie, heralded for a separation from colonialism and imperialism, capitalism and socialism by developing their own independent faction of neutrality that Mohammed Fadhi Jamali of Iraq would call the Non-Aligned Movement in 1961, a third bloc independent of the east and the west. In this same year Jamaica sent delegates to visit Selassie in Shasemane to discuss another independent course of action. Mortimer Planno, was the founder of the doctrinal ideology of Rastafarianism which not only believes that Selassie is the personage of god, but that Jamaica is Babylon, the land of condemnation because it is where they were taken as slaves, Ethiopia is the set place of eternal salvation which can only be extended to people of African descent, god’s chosen people. Planno was among the three men sent to meet with Selassie in 1961 and he told them how he felt about his Ethiopian people being made slaves in Jamaica and furthered by telling them that Ethiopia is large enough to house all of the people of African descent outside of Ethiopia, encouraging them to repatriate. In 1962 Jamaica got its independence from Britain and in 1963 the Organization of African Unity was formed to liberate all African nations. In Addidas Ababba under the allegiance of 32 governments, Halie Selassie was its first chairperson. The mission was to promote solidarity and unity amongst African nations, to defend their sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence, and to eradicate all colonialism from Africa. Having due regard for the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights they would champion the cause of African socio-political freedom, while Selassie was espousing their psychological freedom in the enrapturing speech he gave. “We can never rest content with our achievements so long as men assert on racial discrimination, constitutes a negation of the spiritual and psychological equality we have fought to achieve and a denial of the personality and dignity which we have struggled to establish for ourselves as Africans. We must redouble our efforts to banish this evil from our land. We Africans occupy a different, indeed unique position, having for so long known oppression, tyranny and subjugation, who with better right can claim for all opportunity and the right to live and grow as free men?” In 1962 a teenage Bob Marley recorded his first two songs, “Judge Not” and “One Cup of Coffee” and in 1963 he founded the Wailers with Peter Tosh and Bunny three black nationalist activist who would use the spirituality of Reggae music to sermonize the teachings and philosophies of Halie Selassie, their true god. Marley was taught Rastafarianism by Mortimer Planno upon his return from Selassie. In 1966 Selassie came to Jamaica as their god redeemer and the nation was hysterical in reverential awe. During his visit he told Planno that they must first liberate Jamaica before they could repatriate to Ethiopia. This liberation was to take place through Marley giving the world Selassie’s gospel through Reggae. In 1966 the Bandung Conference that focused on liberating Africa and Asia from colonialism evolved into the Tri-Continental Conference which saw non-alignment become a Third World philosophy more crucially centered around the Latin Americas with the uprising of Che Guevara who condemned America in his famous speech in 1967 where he said that the Third World needed to cut the American imperialist head off. The Tri-Continental was becoming more aggressive natured than the Bandung, with antipathy directed toward the white world for oppressing the colored world. American CIA operatives killed Patrice Lumumba in the Congo seeing him as a Congolese Castro and the War on Vietnam cemented America as the imperialist savage. Bob Marley sang about African unity defying the colonial white supremist, yet he believed in the same non violence that Selassie practiced. As America became the focal point of the world in the 70s and 80’s the African consciousness, which Bob articulated, saw American imperialism as more villainous than European colonialism and as an advocate of the ideals of the Organization of African Unity, Bob’s revolution would coexist between King’s civil disobedience strategy and Malcolm’s by any means necessary philosophy. Malcolm formed the Organization of African American Unity in 1963 and was positioning himself to bring the US before the UN for acts of genocide as South Africa was brought up on charges by his idols before. Bob was the modern day embodiment of all of the ethnic ideals that challenged white supremacy: He was the representation of Non-Alignment, not aligning with the socialist Michael Manley or the capitalist imperialist Edward Seaga who was in cahoots with Regan in the 80’s. He was the personification of the charters of both the Organization of African Unity and the Tri-Continental Conference in that he fought to liberate nations under colonial and imperial control as he did in Zimbabwe. He was the spokesman for the most pro black religion on the face of the earth who exclaimed that god is black and salvation is only extended to his black chosen race and he was the link to liberate and repatriate Jamaica through the teachings in his music. He was a Garveyite for all practical purposes, his entire message was about Africa, it is misconstrued that it is about Jamaica which is why Rita Marley is planning to move his ashes to Shasemane where Selassie’s lie. He was to Selassie what Che was to Castro. He was the fusion of Rastafarianism and Ethiopian Orthodoxy, the herlalder of the philosophies of Malcolm about Pan African unity and the Buffalo Soldier, Dread Lock Rasta made his way to America singing Redemption Song in 1980 as the sole personification of black nationalist rhetoric becoming world anthemic. There is no known record of Marley meeting his god, but he knew him well and when black gods speak through their mortal spokesmen they do so in coded messages. When the 18 year old Bob recorded “One Cup of Coffee,” god was, through him, using coffee as a metaphor for blackness and was subliminally speaking to the subconscious of African Americans telling them to take the cup of coffee that is their amalgamated ethnicity “and go” back to the mother land from whence they came. It is my belief that the government uses seers and foretellers of mystic events, like the one Reagan is documented as utilizing during his presidency, to detect when godly possession of black men is taking place and they use that intelligence to kill the black messenger activist and his movement. Marley’s message and mission was repatriation and his music was its spell, white supremacy could never allow a black man to use Afrocentric divination to break the spell of Eurocentric sabotage. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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The New Majority=Barack’s Failed Reelection

America will always have a race problem because the word America itself means “I am race” when uncrypted. Proponents of racism base their psychosis on the mathematics of their race being the majority race in the country equating that they are the most powerful race in the country. But that math is contingent upon the success of the majority’s population domination scheme, and once flawed math falls prey to karma, karma invokes fate and fate gives math new English. The 2011 census report revealed that non-Hispanic white births comprised 49.6% of all births in the 12 month period that ended last July, while Hispanic, African-American, Asian and bi racial births comprised 50.4 percent. Indeed the numbers indicate that white births are no longer a majority in America. Mathematics indicates that if people of color continue to have babies at higher rates than people of non color, eventually there will exist no authentically white people in America. When Britain expelled its undesirables to America, it was originally a covert death sentence, but when the fertility of the land was discovered it was decided that it would be an extension of Britain in two facets: it would be a feeder system to Britain’s economic structure, and it would be a replica of Britain’s phylogenetic structure, it would be mostly white. When the British arrived in 1607 one hundred men and boys encountered benevolently naïve Natives who offered food to precipitate fellowship but were offered small pox covered blankets by Field General of the British Army Jeffery Amherst in 1763. Biological Warfare was enacted during Pontiac’s rebellion to “extirpate the execrable race.” The Native American population declined from 100 million to 1.8 million primarily due to designer disease because the Europeans realized that in order to become a majority race they had to decimate the colored people capriciously. To understand the ideology of the American cultural construct, you must first articulate the temperament by which its progenitors psycho-evolved. Great Britain was established out of the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland merging under the Acts of Union in 1707. The Kingdom of Scotland was vehement on utilizing what was referred to as the Darien Scheme to broaden the grasp of Scottish control which meant Celtic supremacy in unchartered parts of the world. The scheme called for the development of The Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies funded by the Royal Bank of Scotland which also funded The Africa Trade Company which sold slaves. The Scottish, Irish and English people saw themselves as superior specimen and saw within their own confines the exclusivity of natural selection, that nature chose European advantage through white skin to proliferate the world and its purpose. The three nations warred in The War of the Three Kingdoms to oppose coming under one rule, which led to the English Restoration where they relished the unification in 1660. The history of Europe indicates that they have always rivaled internally for the underlying purposes of exonerating the pure white blood line as is evident in the wars between the Jutes, Angles, Saxons, in the 5th century. A 2002 study from the University College London conveyed that due the Germanic migration The Angles and Saxons accounted for 50 to 100% of the British population and they brought with them Celtic ideologies. Furthermore, Celtic ideology comes from the Iberian Peninsula which is modern day Spain, Portugal and Andorra, in the extreme southwest of Europe. It was referred to as such in 500 BC by Mellitus but according to the Greek historian Herodotus the Phoenicians acquainted the Greeks with the land and it is where the Romans fought Hannibal’s Carthaginians in the battle of Carthage in the Punic Wars between 246 and 146 BC. Though the people that populated the land of Iberia called the Celts or Celtiberians were never recognized until Hannibal’s arrival, these people tell a story of the European creation epic, which marks the birth of the Celtic( Scottish, Irish, Welsh people that populated Britain) or White Supremist ideology. Resoundingly, history, anthropology, and archeology tell us that humanity originated in the place the Greeks called Africa meaning birth place. Whether through the black woman Eve or sub human species like Gremaldi Man, Crumagden Man, Humectant Man, Homo Hablis, Homo Erectus, Homo Genus, they all emanated from lands in Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania. However, as widely acknowledged as this is due to the study of carbon 14, the Celtics say that Neanderthals were there around 200,000 BC and Celtic influenced archeologists say that 780,000 years ago Homo Erectus-like skeletons were found in an Iberian cave. They asses that the skeletons were from a new species called Homo Antecessor which is indigenous to Europe so as to assert a fictitious European origin of humanity. Furthermore, if British people are the Celtic people just described and carried with them the Celtic, White Supremist philosophies and ideologies that whites are superior because of the pontificated belief in Europeans being aboriginal when they colonized America, surely their aim was to create a Celtic America. But when they arrived Natives were the majority, and when they brought slaves, Africans were the majority, so they had to start biological warfare and ethnocide to delineate people of color. The three Latin inscriptions on the back of the dollar translated are: “Out of many, one,” “God has blessed our undertaking,” and “New Order of Secrets.” America was the dream of Celtic people of Germanic tribes who warred in 450 over the pure white blood, to form one nation that represented the white purity they all claimed they maintained. It was the dream of the Irish, British and Scottish who warred in the Battle of the Three Kings between 1639 and 1651 to create nation that represented the ideals of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which augmented the virtues set out in the Magna Carta such that the serfs are the slaves and weren’t considered completely human under the constitution. Moreover, no protection could be given them from the despot ruler, legitimizing the ethnocide on the Africans and the African Americans so that the Caucasians remained the majority in America. When slavery began in America, the slaves outnumbered the white slavers 10 to 1, hence white slave masters raped black slave routinely and lynched their husbands until the ratio balanced out. In the interest o the whites being the minorities, Willy Lynch was brought in 1712 to teach how to control the slave. In 1781, a black man, a Nuwabian Moor named John Hanson was the first president of the United States and in that same year the Christian Morovian Indian’s were being massacred to symbolize that not even religious assimilation could deter genocide; it was religion that sanctioned it. 1781 also marked the year that a British slave ship called the Zong threw 133 slaves overboard to recoup insurance compensation. The Solicitor General echoed the White Supremist thinking of the British when he said that it is the same as throwing horses or wood overboard, blacks are chattel, not humans, and that a master could drown slaves “without a surmise of impropriety.” 1781 was also the year that Thomas Jefferson published Notes on the State of Virginia which held the White Supremist beliefs that blacks were monkeys and subhuman, thus justifiable to exterminate. Between 1776 and 1800 a yearly average of 74,000 slaves were imported to the American colonies and the white Americans feared becoming the minority. The last time America had a black president and there was the threat of minorities becoming an overwhelming majority, people of color were minimalized and the black president was deposed for a white one named Elias Boudinot who was the director of the United States Mint. Karma has saw to it that once again people of color are to be the majority in this country and once again we have a black president going up against a white rival who controls more of the United States Mint. History tells us that this movie is a rerun because a black man controlling a soon to be majority colored America is the sum of all fears for white Americans. It is my belief that it is for this reason that President Obama implemented the law allowing gay marriage because the white power structure seeks to rectify people of color out numbering people of non color, and mathematically, if the new majority enter same sex marriage, their birth rate will be stifled. I don’t believe that Barack agrees with the implementation of this law because he is smart enough to know the cunning behind its creation. If the white power structure can force our black president to diminish the population of his own people, when they finish their puppeteering of him, they will inaugurate his rival who has more potential to control the country’s coinage, than he has to control the country’s color. My name is Kinshasa and these are my waking thoughts, you may disagree, but rest assured my intelligence is superior.

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